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Being A Father

Being A Father

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My elder son was lying in the bed with the nebulizer mask. It was a small hospital at Rajpipla. He was around six years old. He had an asthmatic attack and had difficulty in breathing, luckily we had a good pediatric doctor there and as advised by him we admitted him to the hospital so that he can breathe properly with the nebulizer.

As our younger son was barely one year old, it was decided that Sipra will stay at home to take care of him and I will be with my elder son at the hospital. It was a very tough time for me. I had to remain attentive throughout the night keeping a watch on him. He was too small to express his suffering. It was very painful to watch your son with the nebulizer mask on his face. This was perhaps the first time when I was realizing the responsibilities of fatherhood. The feelings of a father in the silence of the night.

I was just recollecting my understanding of the responsibilities of parents as I used to understand as a son. I had been to my home at Bhubaneswar on a vacation from my job with New India at Bharuch. On reaching home I was down with typhoid and was bed ridden for more than a month. My parents were very much concerned. 

So when I was returning to Bharuch they came to see me off at the Bhubaneswar railway station. And my father was busy in contacting my co-passengers to Mumbai. " He is my son, had just recovered from typhoid. please take care of him. He has to travel further from Bombay to Bharuch.'. It was hurting my self-respect. I was no more a kid. I was a twenty-six years old independent man, not a son who needs hand-holding. I looked at my Maa with a look full of complaints, grievance and conveying that Bapa is encroaching into my freedom. I know how to take care of myself. I needed space. She was smiling and as if conveying me that "wait, time will teach you.

And now I realise that the time had come. Watching my son breathing comfortably with the help of the nebulizer and having a sound sleep in the hospital bed had already taught me the lessons of life. You can only realise the feelings of a father when you become a father. Never doubt the selfless feelings and love of your parents.

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