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The Journey

The Journey

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We had started late in the evening. So I was feeling very hungry. At least a cup of tea from the road side stall. But surprisingly Bapa was not offering or asking for anything. It was very unusual, I am traveling with him since my childhood. In any journey, he would always enquire and offer food or any refreshments at regular intervals.

Of course, first the offer will be to the gentleman who drives the vehicle and then to us. As he thinks the gentleman whether the official driver or anybody else is doing us a favour by giving us a comfortable drive. Then he would offer to us what to eat by stopping at any road side dhaba. He is so caring.

But I don't know what has happened today. He was not enquiring anything, maintaining a rare silence. I was looking at my elder brother who was also with us in the vehicle, he was also very silent and was not looking at me. I was trying to draw the attention of Bapa. But no response.

I was unable to understand. What has happened? The person who has taught me the basics of life, the most valuable tips for my career was maintaining an unusual silence. 

Suddenly the vehicle stopped and the Sikh driver told us that we have reached our destination. I looked at the place from the vehicle. It was Swarga Dwar, the final destination. I looked back at Bapa, he was sleeping. The final sleep. 

This was my last journey with him. This time I will return without him. I will reach home to face my Maa who will be starting a new phase of her life. So my priority is my maa. I will miss my Bapa, but I know I will feel him till my last breath. I love you Bapa.

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