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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Fifty Hairs Of Shade Grey

Fifty Hairs Of Shade Grey

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After a very hectic working schedule on the weekdays, the most awaited moment is the weekend. With a planning for the relaxation, sleeping, giving time to her and playing with Joules my center of gravity. I started from Saturday evening, directly visiting the saloon, haircut, head massage and a face massage too. And contrary to my planning, Sunday was very hectic, completely at the disposal of her. I know any rebellious attitude on my part on Sunday may take one complete week to bring back the normalcy.

Again the most unwanted day Monday has come. Same routine, I was getting ready, a careful look at the mirror. I was surprised and almost shouted at the reflected image of a man young at heart. I know the philosophy of life at this juncture "Age is just a number." I could see the most hated enemy "Grey Hairs". How can I be so neglected? My sincere efforts since atleast last 10 years to hide them has failed. And today morning, I have an important meeting with a client, I am going to meet the young HR head (she). These Grey hairs will neutralize my extra advantage of looking young because of my God gifted physical features. I could realize the hair cut on Saturday has given an undue advantage to those grey hairs to show their presence, suppressed and denied of their rights to be displayed over a decade.

Getting influenced by two handsome and smart competitors at home, my two sons, I have tried my best to match them. Dressing style, hair cut, fitness etc. Jeans, t shirts, loafers, sports wear - I have tried to follow them. I have tried my best to freeze the numerical no parallel to my age. And after the elder son left home to do MBA, I have taken control of his cupboard with the leftovers. Sunday's dress code Jeans and Enfield round neck T shirt with loafer or kholapuri chappal, takes me back to my college days.

But in spite of my best efforts, I was feeling helpless. I don't have time to carry out damage control. I was just thinking of Milind Soman, to give me strength (only the secret of staying young, nothing else). It just reminded me of my brother in-law, a lot younger to me and a successful legal practitioner at Supreme Court, his love for his grey hairs. He believes in his profession, grey hair is a sign of a matured and experienced professional. It was like a ray of hope for me. I was on the same wavelength of the jackal who could not eat the grapes.

The fifty hairs of shade grey were singing the song of the famous English movies and dancing over their victory. I have accepted the defeat gracefully. I cleaned the glasses of my spectacle and readjusted it. 


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