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Rupinder Pal Kaur Sandhu



Rupinder Pal Kaur Sandhu


Unparalleled Hero

Unparalleled Hero

2 mins

Guru Gobind Singh was a saint

Without power, money, army, or land

But his awareness of a fighter's duty

Propelled his courage in high spirits

Shri Ram Chander accomplished his feats

In a great Hindu empire in erstwhile India 

This mighty King had the army and resources

Neighboring kings always eager to help him

The purpose of his fight against Cyclone was not

 The love for the motherland or public welfare

No doubt the war with Ravana was indeed

A task of fulfilling the duty of a fighter

All the deeds of Shri Krishna were imbued

With a sense of revenge for his caste and clan

He killed Kans in self-defense as he wanted

To put end to his family and lineage

Jarasindh attacked Shri Krishana fifteen times

And forced him to flee to Gujarat in self-defense

It can be viewed as love for the motherland

 He had resources and Pandwas' support

Similarly, Shankracharya gave mighty resistance

To the Buddhist kings of his times in India

He used the power of education and reasoning

Hindu kings supported him in every way

But Guru Gobind Singh had no supporter

At all and was all alone to face challenges

Mohammad Sahib of Arab had to fight

With just a clan of Quraishi's only

Look at Guru Gobind Singh who fought

Against mighty Mughals to oust them

But the irony was that even Hindu kings

Were organizing attacks on him

Guru Gobind Singh was intoxicated 

With the love for the motherland

This love for the motherland was missing in

All his predecessors from Shri Ram to Ramanuj.

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