Today Is A Gift

Today Is A Gift

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Fear not

The sparkle in your eye

Melting into cloudburst

Fear only its

Freezing into an iceberg

Transient emotions

Fluid like water

How lucky are those

Whose love grew roots and bloomed

Fragrant flowers in spring

Rawness fades

The clot leaves a scar

You scratch it only to feel

That throbbing pain, but

All that remains is a dull ache

Fire or ice

The flames are never endless

Cold snow soon melts

When nature does not stay constant

Why expect it from your heart?

Seek to flow freely

Like the gushing river

Life abounds with unique experiences

Leave the past behind

Turn the page

Endless beauty all around

Yet we choose our shackles

Regrets, disappointments, failures

Let your yesterdays float away

Live the magic called today

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