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The Girl Child

The Girl Child

2 mins

I was conceived out of an act of love,

My sex determined by the male chromosome,

I grew slowly and steadily in her womb,

Neither caused trouble, nor made a sound

With time her body started adapting,

The first sign was nausea in the morning,

They rushed her to the nearest clinic,

They had to make sure it was not a trick.

I could hear them speaking in whispers,

I wondered, what was the secret being discussed?

I did not bother and focused on growing,

In there i was secure, it was so comforting.

It was time for the next health visit,

She was delirious, I could sense it,

I felt her being pushed on to a stretcher,

Of her protests, no one seemed to bother,

Till she lost consciousness, she kept murmuring,

I failed in my duty, I am sorry my darling!

It's not your fault I said, you are trying,

Whatever it is, please stop crying!!

Then, I was blinded by strong flashing lights,

I started to shiver, it was getting cold inside,

The truth was suddenly there, staring at my face

For being a girl, I was going to pay the price

Oh! How.much I wanted to be in her arms,

To feel her touch and see her charms,

Now I know, this will remain a dream,

I vow to keep mum, not let out a scream.

My parts are ripping, but I don't care

Not a sound I make, though the pain is severe,

And then I was out, still breathing,

The chord was cut, I knew i was not staying

My heart bleeds when I see my dream vanishing,

Me from my mother, they are separating,

I forgive her for this, although I am dying,

I still love her, my mother, my everything.....

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