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Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj

Inspirational Tragedy


Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj

Inspirational Tragedy

Army Was His Best Choice

Army Was His Best Choice

2 mins

He belonged to a simple peasant family,

joys or gains quite small, but living quite happily.

School to home to farms was not his dream,

to serve his country was his life’s theme.

Everyday inspiration to him came from the history past,

and from the lifestyle of those heroes, country had lost.

One day, the discussion in class was country’s stress,

about the nation’s infiltrators, plotting a mess.

Quite thoughtful, he tried to understand his real purpose of life,

if dirty plans against the nation are not cut down with a sharp knife.

Army! He thought was his only best choice to contribute,

for the peace and security of mother land, his sincere attribute.

Leaving loved ones behind, he moved towards the border,

peace to be restored in the valley,was his commander’s order.

Along with his comrades, he was moving on a secured track,

unaware of that evil soul carrying explosives on his back.

The human bomber slammed the truck with his car,

disturbed the country’s peace and left it in a situation, like war.

Has the country, the world, just lost a poor soldier today,

or a martyr who was brave, sincere and quite hearty?

He was not a politician, hungry for the power,

His resolve was the nation’s security every minute, every hour.

Today on his death not only his family, the nation mourns,

let there be a resolve, not to leave his family in, forlorn .

Believe me, he didn’t live a purposeless, uneventful life

his purpose was great, pious, to fight cross border strife.

As a soldier he had preferred to sworn, to defend,

his home, his people, his country, till the end.

He is gone leaving a message for the nation, for us all,

never give up, fight for the cause, the nation stands above all.

Oh you brave soldier!

We the countrymen bow to you in reverence,

you will always and ever be remembered for your excellence.

Listen you departed soul! The enemy will not be spared

How to react to your martyrdom, the country is prepared.,

Oh you departed soul! Your sincere sacrifice will not go in vain.

This day 14th Feb, 2019, the Pulwama attack by a brutal brain,

will be written in golden words in every hardcore cover,

will be remembered by each country man, by each country lover.

Believe us, the way you are gone, we are in deep pain

our eyes wet, anguish at peak,to respect your cause, is the thought main.

Be assured, your family, the country will take care of, for sure,

you please rest in peace in heavens, in that land pure.

Note: A tribute to our martyrs in Pulwama attack in Kashmir on 14th January 2019.

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