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The Fragile Bond

The Fragile Bond

1 min 365 1 min 365

That soft but secure hold

Can I repay that all

Memories of gold

My father to get my call.

Always for me and my good

He shelved up my fate

Sweats all over my childhood

I can't imagine a better set.

He did whatever he could

Always at his best against what he should;

Sometimes even he was rude

But his love had turned as he would.

Prayers and showers all over

Every step of my life to sober

I would hold us for ever

Always this far and that near.

Time has wizened my mind

Stepped by the world

Everything seems now so blind

And feel like walking through a sword.

Yes I know how much he weighs

But with more weight to bear

I feel helpless

And if I wish to leave him alone with a tear.

He is weak

No purpose in my home

I must focus on the future of my child

Who may live his life better than I can assume.

So the day it would be

When I must bid him a bye

With a promise to be kept by me

I shall visit every weekend; of course, a lie.

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