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Konica Kalhan



Konica Kalhan


Solicitous Juncture

Solicitous Juncture

2 mins 307 2 mins 307

At this juncture, I understand things,

Most importantly, I extrapolate human,

I understand not every relationship clings,

And there are earth-shaking feelings at the same time,

I understand how some of us are introvert,

Ergo, having only silence to offer when socialising,

I notice how we give power to people for emotions to convert,

And sometimes we agree not to be a slave of this human fighting,

I understand at times this world is against us,

And ups and downs come, yet downfall prevails for a longer time,

But how do we fail to succumb every ochre and hue,

And why do we forget to sing every happy rhyme,

I understand that we might not be happy with our body,

Perhaps, disrelish the way we smile,

Why can't we compliment ourselves but search somebody,

Cause loving ourselves is difficult but heavenly and may take a while,

I understand grades matter more than knowledge,

And talents are remarkably deep suppressed,

And there is still a room you need to acknowledge,

Until then you rely on mark sheets that are Expressed.

But, I certainly disagree to understand some parts too.

I don't understand why we listen to people,

Who talk more about thorns, less about roses, that vibe, our wings just cripples,

Again, the gateway of our la-la land gets still and closes,

And once again, we cry ourselves to sleep,

And we listen to our monotonous playlist,

Realising how we are lost with every year we weep,

Resulting our thoughts to be covered with foggy thoughts and mist,

Once again, we crumble our world,

Disbelieving what we are,

Forgetting uniqueness is what we offer this world,

Ignoring the light in us leading a place so bizarre,

I don't stand for myself but everyone feeling inferior,

You are a charming bird,you might not have heard,

And within ourselves lies a brave warrior,

Who fights with every transcendental feeling wrapped and curled.

This time, I know you will love yourself.

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