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DevaDas Menon



DevaDas Menon




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Humans are going through traumatic times

Traversing unknown paths sharing pain,

In darkness we grope for elusive cures;

The virus stares balefully back and says;

Find me kill me mocking us in many ways,

The pain in our hearts will make us rise,

Above ourselves not giving up the fight,

The pain of losing someone will make us,

Stronger despite the agonizing pain.

We have done it once we will do it again;

Come together for a common cause,

We shall share the loss of each other,

The fight to kill this insidious enemy,

Goes on day and night without pause,

By heroes who are fighting for a cause.

And victorious we shall be once again,

Against this vicious invader.

Against this unwanted intruder.

When once gone there will be no pain;

When once again we shall walk free,

All of us that is you and me.

When we shall be full of cheer

When we walk once again without any fear.

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