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I Can

I Can

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I can be a rebel

I can survive a rape

I can raise my voice

I can do whatever I want just to not live the life they have served me

But what if I say I don't want to

I am not scared but too tired

And currently too lazy to "be the change"

Can we just sit and relax

And take a sip of water and breathe

Now -

I don't wanna escape neither I want to travel the world

I want to go to a place where

Humanity is still alive

Men and women are not equal but who cares

Where there are no bras

Sagging boobs are not an issue

Where I can cry all night yet have no need to apply liner to hide my puffy eyes

Where marriages aren't compulsory to live with my beloved & my children

Where there are schools to teach "how to love" and "how to not get confused"

Where there are no languages issue

There are no such things like competition

Where I don't regret sleeping for hours

No one is there to ask "what are your future-plans?"

Where no one asks what do you do for a living

Because the one and only thing I do for a living is, "I live."

Where I can be slut but also can make love

Where there is still a barter system

Can we go back, please?

I want all of this because I want no ordinary

I wanna make love in a starry night or maybe in a sunset, or in a sunshine

I don't wanna wax my underarm hair, I wanna observe how long it grows and boom then I wanna braid it

I want to write and still not get judged for it

I want to make pamphlets of my poems and post it to everyone's house

I want to build a tree-house for myself

I have no future plans so please don't ask

But I do have a present plan and that is: not to be the part of a revolution

I don't wanna utter a single word

My thoughts are exhausted

I just want to shut my mind, my eyes and my mouth

I just wanna sit and relax

And take a sip of water and breathe

Can we go back, please?

I wanna live.

I wanna feel safe.

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I Can

I Can

2 mins read

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