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Monalisa Dash

Abstract Drama


Monalisa Dash

Abstract Drama

The Man And The Moon

The Man And The Moon

2 mins

The old man looked at the moon

With love,

His eyes sparkled with anticipation,

He had done this from past eighty years,

Just looking at the moon intently.

When his heart danced with the moonlight,

The birds were in slumber, softly dreaming in the trees;

All soft, still and fair,

Like a silver-shelter from the sky!

His neck was thin,

And creased with lines the sun had written,

On skin gone fine as paper but this

Was not the first thing one noticed,

Upon seeing the old man on his terrace.

It was his eyes that were the color,

Of the moon and cheerful in the reflected,

Light like two bone-china white plates waiting,

For a slice of cake on the table!

He looked beautiful,

He knew very well that he was in love with moon for so long,

What he did not know was

The moon was also in love with him,

So deeply that the moon secretly desired to remain,

In the eyes of the old man till eternity!

The moon was desire-less before the old man came along,

The universe was in dilemma ,

As the conscious planetary being moon had to carry a desire for long.

Soon the moon’s wish was granted,

That night the old man sobbed ecstasy,

He lived as long as he wanted,

With the moon in his eyes,

Basking in the glory of moonlight,

Every night!

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