The Last Thought...

The Last Thought...

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Bullet just missed him, leaving on his hand, a scar

He had cheated death one more time but this was a war.

Notorious fate would have a thousand more opportunities to turn the tide

One wrong step and his dead body would be lying by the road-side

“What was he doing here?” he started to think

The huge explosion behind him made him blink

Did thought of death just scare him? Wasn’t he ready to die?

He started to think, how would be his final good-bye…

He could just disappear and no one would even care

World would just go on like that, it wouldn’t be fair

What was the value of his blood?

May be equivalent to dust, to this mud!

He reassured himself “This is all for a much greater Cause…”

He wanted this to stop, he at the least, wanted his life to hit a Pause!

Within a fraction of second there was a huge noise

“You did great Papa!” in ad mist of the chaos he only heard his daughter’s voice

“Come-on now it’s time to leave…

Keep aside your hatred, rage and grief…”

Saying this she extended her hand

“Mom is also eagerly waiting for you in another land.

There we would finally get our happily ever after,

We will help in reintroducing you to your laughter…”

The man found himself lying in ruins, covered in wounds unable to move even an inch

A random thought suddenly just crossed his mind as he attempted to flinch

He thought to himself for one last time “Did I just waste a beautiful life?

But there is smile on my face, so I guess it’s alright.”

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