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Swapnil Saurav

Drama Romance

Oh, How I Wish

Oh, How I Wish

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Second star from the right.

In this darkened heaven, lonely night.

I wish upon this star so bright,

That you’d be here until the morning light.

Because you consume my waking hours.

You mean more than any powers,

That the fates could ever grant me.

Oh, how I wish that you could see,

The love for you that lives in me.

Because you are the better half of me.

Brighter than the reflections off the sea.

Creating a love that flows so free.

Making all of the darkness flee.

Your smile lights up more than a room.

Strips away any pretense of gloom.

Oh, how I wish that you could know,

How my love for you continues to grow.

The moments that you are not near,

Are the times that my heart fills with fear.

And when I see you, it starts to cheer.

Because my love for you is clear.

There’s nothing one could say or do,

To say that this feeling isn’t true.

Oh, how I wish upon the stars above,

That eternity will embrace our love.

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