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Arpita Chowdhury



Arpita Chowdhury


Ode To My Chai!

Ode To My Chai!

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Well, writing about chai is just like writing about your beloved.

People call me chai-sexual, I won't deny that, 

That one sip of chai in the morning can keep me going, 

Taking me to some restaurant? 

You didn't order chai?

It's over now...

Chai is never less or more for me, 

3-4 cups a day, 

It's normal right? What do you say?

I often say that I judge people based on the colour of chai they serve,

Fret not, there's absolutely nothing else which makes me judge you!

The different shades of chai is the only shade card I use.

No food is sometimes ok, 

But no chai.... Will always make me frown.

They say let's do weed, 

I say why do you need that if you got your hands down on chai.

The eternal joy of life lies in that one cup.

O beloved, are you impressed or should I write more?


Please get me a chai before you go!

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