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Adya Ghoshal




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I am not afraid of the dark anymore,

I go out at night, when everyone sleeps,

In the darkness of the night I explore,

The wounded parts of me that screams.

I see silhouettes of scary creatures,

But I feel one with them,

Maybe a part of that madness is in my nature,

For people call me crazy now and then.

I see stars hanging on the sky,

Like a river of silver they show,

When you ask them, they never lie,

And they fall apart in a way, peaceful and slow.

Oh the fireflies take you to a different world,

And the sky seems limitless but so close,

I feel being pulled down and swirled,

Towards a world where I hear distant laughter and echoes.

I am not afraid of the dark anymore,

Because night is a beautiful, unseen and magical world,

The memories of its wonders in my heart I store,

Because it's a place where I can proudly be unfurled.

I go out at night and feel strong,

For beyond these walls a world exists,

A world where I belong.

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