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Leoni Robens

Fantasy Inspirational Children


Leoni Robens

Fantasy Inspirational Children



43 mins





Pennies granting wishes

Fell inside this magic well

Man repented

Sins changed to goodwill

And good wishes

Evil to love hence

Meanness to goodness

Greedy to generous spirits as well

Far from further

Further away from farther

 Rough hewn hedges

And coal tar wedges

The kingdom lay in a hemisphere divided

Apart from earth

Full of tainted sin and martyrdom

Yet stood apart from all rest

Material things

Hidden inside a twisty and snaky path

Upon a strange hill

Inside a hidden strange Magic Well

Called Maguk

Furthermore further thus apart

It wedged and divided

Earth and

The earth's crust

Upon a grassy knoll and hilly tussock 

Stood hollow magnificent strange Maguk well

Downtrodden though

Firmly built with stones, mortar and cement



A well in which everything sank

Woes, pleasures

Trinkets, toys

Dogs with clavicle collar bones and haunting treasure maps on their backs

Cats with dreamy fishes and delicious milk saucers on their coats

Bulls, cocks, hens

 Mourning, Laughing, Diamond doves

 Fan tailed, crested, green, crowned pigeons

Columbidae of every kind and types

As well pigeon chested, v-shaped

Herculean Samson's, Goliath's

Gargantuan giants, dwarfs

  Pygmies as well 

Hour glass divas, Cardboard Tarzans

Fiction with fantasy into it fell

Specs of fairy dust, atoms, molecules

Airy-fairies, wishy-washy elves, Gobbledegook goblins

 Pink and purple pixies, magical genies

Fairy sparklers, fire crackers 

Such stupendous fire works

Gargoyles and demons

Camels, pear trees, oxen

 Clocks, lamps, boxes

Seals and walruses

Even forbidden apple tree

The cursed as well blessed indeed all fell

Angels, cherubs, witches and sorcerers

Into the well threw and flung themselves

Like a Pandora's Box

Opened one day

The Maguk well 

Its doors

At one's own free will 

And one's own peril

Fell again everyone

Dancers, clowns, ballerinas, actors

 Along with harlequins, gymnasts, buffoons

Panjandrums, vagabonds, beggars 

Who yearned for truth into its secret chasm

Strength and valour

Along with weak, timid as well fickle men

Steel portcullises, canyons, doors, hinges

Screws, nails and bracts

Hammers, chisels, screw drivers

Pliers, tongs, pincers, drills and bellows

Fortresses, mountains, bridges, streams

Cathedrals even thimbles

Curtsy their sharp pointy needle friends

Flung heartily and soulfully

Whole and sound

Into Maguk well!


One day a beautiful Princess

Named Alice

Purposely put her knees and ankles in shallow waters deep

Along with her Lil' cat Dinah

Fell into the abysmal well

Purportedly just to see

What happened beneath the strange receptacle

A fathomless bucket

So many had drowned there indeed

Into a sea bed of glistening pearls

Buccaneers, Pirates

Kings, Princes

Queens, their valises

Vases with flowers

Trees with leafy bowers

Mermaids, castles

Fishes of the sea

Even ships with masts and hulls

Those viewing such things with their telescopes

And binoculars

Fell one by one

Into its deep abyss


Bleeping cars, aeroplanes with wings, runways

Helicopters with wind propellers

 Hover boards, hovercrafts

Skate boards, bicycles, unicycles

Bullock-carts, palki's (palanquins), tongas

Togas, dhotis, kashtis, salwars

Robes, pin striped or collared gowns

Swirls, flounces, twirls, harem trousers

The Sari, kilts, tracht, Maasai, Herero

Sami, Gho costumes

Trains, stations, railway tracks

Even windmills, whistles, wind chimes

Chimneys, one legged weather vanes

Roof top scallops, tiles, shingles

Canals, reservoirs, tanks and dams 

Plunged deep into it

Snorkelers with scuba diving suits

Satellites, astronauts, U.F.O's, U.S.O's

Submarines, fighter jets along with astronomers

Soldiers, sailors, captains, pilots, navy men

Marching drills in uniforms

Along with farriers, tinkers and tailors


Aliens with strange propellers

Tourists wearing Panama Hats

Mermen and fishy things

Oyster pearls, cockles of their hearts

Mollusc locks and Shelly bolts

Dived deep inside it 

Raindrops, dew drops 

Fell right into Maguk well

Good knows whether they splashed

Along with it waves, mist, fog

Sugar cubes, salt and pepper shakers 

Even sunshine rays

With winter

Freezing snowflakes!

Crystalline maize's and labyrinths

Autumn, fall, spring, summer

Next season of rain and winter as well

Right into it they fell


Hammocks and Braille's

Vasco Da Gama through Cape of Good Hope

Africa, Portuguese, Goa

Red sea, Mediterranean, Atlantic Oceans

Baltic sea, Baltimore, Germany, Cape Comorin, Tamil Nadu

Velankanni, Coromandel Coast, Bay of Bengal

And Arabian Sea 

Along with it

Christopher Columbus, Vikings and 

Native American Red Injuns

Cape Cod Peninsula, Massachusetts

Russia, Holland, Norway 

Burmese Pagodas

Caves and Gazebos of Sri Lanka 

Baluchistan, Turkey, Espanola

Many territories unknown and famous

Mapped by the explorers

Hemmed within

Inside strange Maguk well boundaries

So vast and endless

Marshlands, Grass lands, Iceland

Barrens, Waste lands, Range lands

Coastlines and Horizons

Like bee lines even bee hives

With all of them fell

Arable lands and pastures

Grazing upon it farmlands, cattle and sheep

Stooping stupendously fell below

Tender baby saplings, stumps 

Even giant Sequoia Trees

Tendrils, lucky four leaf clovers

And shamrocks

Fell right into they Magukcally!


Alternatively fell inside 

Meadows, stones, rivers

Skies, seas, heavens

Stars, planets, meteorites and comets


Ocean of universes

Unimaginable multiverses

Cluster of galaxies

 Horses with blinders

Strange chariots too

Cows, calf's

Igloos, pyramids

Even Taj Mahal!

Prince of Wales museums 

Madam Tussaud's wax houses

 Art galleries and cinema halls

Statue of Liberty, Little Mermaid, Manneken Pis

Many popular bronze, copper or alloy statuettes

Camels, doe eyed deer's

Elephants, hippos, rhinos

Lions, tigers, camels, giraffes

Animals in pairs like Noah's ark

Octopuses, sea lions, platypuses, whales

Gargoyle geckoes or hissing snakes 

Turpentine varnished doors

Domes, spires, tombs, sphinxes

Fairies with wands, eggs that didn't shatter

One couldn't hear the noise as they fell

Or even a splatter

Sea food platters, soups, high teas


Greeting 'Guten Morgen''und guten Abend'

With tall, twisted, conical or long witchy hats

On the way whilst falling down


 Cock tails, mock tails

Wines, whiskeys, Brandies

 Blue berry cordials

 Bailey's Irish Cream, gins and tonics

Raising they jugs of frothy beers

A cheery toast of surf and whim 

One by one odd and even

Minced beef, corn beef, chicken canapés

 Sardine, tuna tins

 Mayonnaise mustard tongue sandwiches

Marmalades and blocks of cheese

Bread sticks, cheese straws

Harlots and champions

Many princes too fell much before 

Princess Alice fell

With her little cat




When by and by underneath

The strange silver lime tree that shaded 

Maguk well

Hid the well nicely

Inside its frosted leaves, branches

Pretty silver lime tree nutlets and weeping flowers

Pouring in some brilliant sun's golden yellow arrows

Down below its twisty bend

Came hopping by a pink rabbit with pink eyes

Following Princess Alice and little cat Dinah closely

Through grassy knolls, hilly tussocks

Bounded leaps and hops after Princess Alice

Amongst daisy buds, lilies, roses and chrysanthemums

That sprung everywhere he hopped

In hidden nooks inside crooked crannies

Sprouted blossoms along with weeds and thistles

Till all fell inside in clumps

Sinking into sands of time

With an hour glass, rocks and pebbles

Into a great big hole

Of strange Maguk well

Whilst falling little pink rabbit

His pocket waist clock he held close by

In his pink chubby hands

Thence brought it up again

From his chained waist coat pocket

To check the time and date

Ticking leisurely away "Tick Tock Tick"

"O' dear O' dear

I shall be late!" 

He remarked

"Now never again shall I return 'Upitty' again

Let's follow the leader

Princess Alice and Lil' cat Dinah 

'Downitty' yonder

Thither into "Maguk well"

Soon it claimed the rainbow

That went along with him 

Along with its seven wondrous colours

Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red

Plummeted now down deep deep deep under

Its glossy heavens


 Princess Alice falling she wondered

To herself

"Have I reached the Bermuda Triangle?

Do Devils or Angel's dwell there?

O' What country should it be?

Should it be Turkey, Spain or Madrid? 

Ireland, Bangladesh, Bhutan 

Or India and which capital

Copenhagen Denmark

Or maybe Helsinki, Finn Land?

Have they all puzzled up?

What latitude or longitude

Or should there be cave men

And dinosaurs

Or the Sympathaties or Antipathies

From B.C or just beyond future A.D

I guess I shall never know

But keep guessing

Till I keep falling

O' so much now already….

Falling and falling"

Through strange dimensions

Book case shelves, wind screens

Pounding stones, maces and clobbers

Of Stone Age

Along with Mohenjo-daro and Harappa

Indus river valley long before invented

And things you see at the museum

 She fell

Into the vast abysmal well

Some funny questions

"Do cats eat bats?

Or do bats eat cats?"

Went racing through her mind

Along with alphabets

All funnily falling like alphabets in soup noodles

Scaling they snow capped mountains

Diving underneath babbling brooks

Or rowdy rash 'rollunkcious' waves

As she watched little Dinah

Too falling along with her the deep black hole

Of a cavity

Strangely though there was

So much water all around

They never drowned

Sometimes pitch black darkness

Neither dawning

Or setting

But kept falling and falling


Chanting rhymes whilst falling down

"Eeny Meeny Miny Moe

Catch a tiger by the toe

If he hollers let him go

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe

My mother told me

To pick the very best one 

And you are not it

Eena Meena Mina, Moe

Catch a mouse by the toe

If he squeals let him go

Eena Meena Mina Moe

Now you

Catch a spider by his leg

If you leave it you will fall

Into a web without a miss

Tails, wings, antennae and all

Winding down porches and patios"

Princess Alice tickled by her funny

Limerical skills licked a long ice Kulfi stick

Filled with nuts and raisins

Falling right into her hand

Another Falooda cup 

Followed mid-air.…….a long dessert spoon

Princess Alice tasting and looking 

Curiously to see what else fell

Beneath strange receptacle

Called Maguk well!



Till their next riotous adventure began

You may fancy if you fell and wished again

All chasing behind

A funny goose chase

Madly raving about

Excellent 'Koh-i-noor'

Of its many excellences and royalties

That too fell inside

Kings of India, Queens of London

Kings of Budapest Hungary

All that hungered for sparking truth

Like lit up tinder Match Box Houses

Matches made in Heaven

Within it fell

All to glorify goodness

A Sparkling diamond secret withheld

It's rumoured many facetted allure

'A curse as well good luck

Even with it 'loser's keeper's finder's weepers' 

Whoever found it in the end….

'Finders keepers, losers and weepers'

The Eiffel tower of Paris

Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy as well

All followed behind mighty diamond


Turned upside down

Or downside up

It didn't really matter as it repelled with lustre

Just looking its same brazen self

As it preened its double edged sword diamond mirrors

Sparkling away its funny face

The vernal equinox marking start of spring

And Autumnal Equinox marking start of fall

Fell within it too

Resulting sometimes as they fell

Most amount of daylight time

Or least amount of daylight time

In a single day

As well Solstices marking start of summer

And winter

Into Strange Maguk well fell

Now 'Meridian' lines running North to South

Or lines of Longitude

Whilst 'Parallel' lines running East to West

Or lines of latitude

Called Longevities or shorties of love and life

Into it plunged

Princess Alice along with Lil' Dinah her cat

Had reached a strange little Optician's on the way

Whilst falling deep through it

She saw a list of names appear magically on

'A wall of Fame'

An optician on a chair

Made her look through a funny eye test machine


 Projecting the funny 'Wall of Fame'

Whilst he looked into her eyes

And changed a series of lenses and optics

Falling into his hands mid air

Giving her large pointy spectacles

Almost suiting a large Queen butterfly

Because it looked like a pair of rosy butterfly wing lorgnettes

Princess Alice started to read through immense list

On 'Wall of Fame'

The print was so very tiny

Yet with the magical Butterfly glasses

She saw so very well

A for Apple 

So tiny only an ant could read

From very far… as she was still falling beneath

The strange bucket of a receptacle


A for Princess Alice Cardinal Fairy

In teeny tiny letters once again


A for Atom Bomb

A for Army

A for Architects and Actors

In big and huge letters

So big Princess Alice wondered whilst she fell

With a bombshell

If ever it exploded anytime

On her as well as the army, architects and actors

But it never did


Army of what or who?.... 

Concave or convex…..those she never guessed

Yet all marching past fell

Like a march-past with drums, violins and trumpets

 In honour of those dead

Just sank down deep below it abyss

Like an immense boulder 

Freeing off its weight 

Into a fathomless pit

It fell

Many others under A 

A for Artists

A for Allegories

A for Archaeologists

A for Vinyl Albums of record players

A for Ambiguous Holograms

As well famous Princess Leia Organa of Star Wars

As well A for Anthologists

Princess Alice clearly read one by one that followed

Then came B

B for Battalion

B for Bazillion

B for Bastilles

B for Bernard Saints

Then C's followed

C for Countable and Uncountable

C for Conquerors, Cylinders, Cones, Chrism's for Baptisms

With Prisms

Eventually Princess Alice

Using her strange butterfly pointy glasses

Read under D

D for Dinah Cat

D for Doris Day

D for Doctors

And strangely after the many D's

E for Englebert Admiral

E for Encyclopedia Britannica 

E for Engineers, Etiologists and Excavationists too

However Princess Alice wondered 

Who Englebert Admiral could possibly be?

As it very well matched Cardinal Fairies

Princess Alice guessed as much

Thinking to herself……. 

"Strange things happened down below

Strange Maguk well

Maybe I'd turn into one beautiful Cardinal butterfly

 Lil' cat Dinah into pretty Papillon fairy 

Nonetheless I'd even meet Handsome Admiral Englebert too

Would be of course a charming butterfly!"

The strange Eye test

Of the magic Optician was over

At last!

Princess Alice with Lil' cat Dinah

Passed through with flying colours

All humongous, homogenous and heterogeneous

Squint eyed, buck toothed as well bow legged

Ugly and Beautiful

Into Strange Maguk well fell!


'Curiosity killed the cat'

So beware before you plunge forward

Into Maguk well





Princess Alice was curiouser

And curiouser

More curious than anyone she ever knew lived

Or even sweet Lil' Dinah

Just to see what existed in splendour beyond

The deep black hole

In a funny dimension through

Seven realms she journeyed

Bliss, happiness, fortitude, justice 

Honour, dignity and valour

Challenging her dark and twisted 

Ravaging curls

Mops of her curly head and hairs on end

A virtue named

"Raw courage"

Beautiful Princess Alice

Followed through curvy lanes

Shady glens, sheds

Twisted roots, shadowy cull de sacs

Meandering streams even steep precipices

The strange Maguk well

Even once sat on a unicycle with little Dinah

As it tilted…. she horned

With a bugle loudly

Till it swerved and down fell they into a little boat shell

Made of buffered wheat


For y'see the kingdom was full of magic

The sky like a shiny tarp lay below

The kingdom and sea up above

Of strange Maguk well

Thence the boat of buffered wheat

That they fell into 

Made little Dinah and Alice small and sweet

Like a timid dainty doll with a caterwauling little cat

After all like hammered corn

Big and tasty 

Sailed they the little boat shell

Down the pond 

In Princess Alice's own "Pool of tears"

Tears she cried on vile earth's crust up above

Now every single drop formed an ocean deep

As the story here enlightens;

Princess Alice's weeping pond

Full of daffodils, lotuses

Lilies, primroses, honeysuckles

Sailing along Pink Bunny too

Turning small as they

For he truly belonged in that strange fairy land

Though had lived on the earth above its crust

For sometime not long before

Now wished he to return back with Princess Alice and Lil' Dinah

Back into Maguk well

After all he was a magical creature y'see

In a battered boat of corn shell

Did sail they

 As his pink eyes

Gleaming turned glazed blue!


As Princess Alice sailed rowing merrily

Amongst tall bull rushes, butter and toasty bread butterflies

Fiery ember charcoal dragon flies with jammy red eyes

Dreamily sun and snow catchers

Seemed to appear magically every where

With little Dinah her cat

Using oars of celery stalks

And drumsticks as its anchor

Though it never sank

But hailed strong and mighty

The little golden cup 

Boat made of battered corn

 Merrily sailing upon the pond

The pond of her own salty tears

Salty teardrops of the bitter world above 

Before she jumped down into strange

Maguk well

By her own free will

At her own peril!

Hoping it stopped tears…. she cried

That filled inside strange Maguk well

Till finally pond of Princess Alice's Tears

Thence joined into a river

The river forked into a stream

Further forked into an ocean deep

Surrendered now sailing gusty winds

Of calming seascape, silvery waves caressing

The golden boat made of a hammered corn cup tenderly

Where alongside glistening sharp wedged rocks

Yielded glittering jewel like birds

Flocks of them I suppose

Like throngs of a crowd

Pearl crested doves billed

Onyx pigeons cooed

Coal black moon stone ravens stewed and stirred

Storks with blue sapphire stockings lifted grey morning veils 

Jaded emerald quails sailed along with

Peridot pelicans

Chalcedony cranes

Sang lilting melodies with raised beaks and uplifted necks

Sea gulls dazzling like lapis lazuli

Gilded eagles of gold also sang together

Along with ruby crested hummingbirds

"Quoah Quoah …."

"Pheeeeeeeee pheeeeee"

Like angels in a choir

Shrill chorus notes, hums, chirps and whistles

In gleaming skies of dawn deep under

 Maguk well


Further down the twisty bend

The curious moon below its shiny tarp

Amongst a myriad of glittering stars

That well lit up tiny chambers

Along the shore side above

Little houses like Queen's upturned valises

Princess Alice  

Wondered if the Sympathaties

Or antipathies lived in such attaché cases?

Whether she would find keys

Of such quaint doors

As they were teeny tiny y'know

Like little thimbles

She just managed to keep one silver thimble attaché case

House for herself 

(Which later she gives as a prize to a lucky winner)



Princess Alice's tears had submerged

Now deep into a furiously lashing sea

Suddenly from nowhere

She saw a ship drowning 

One she viewed tother end whilst sailing in her little boat

In the sultry humid background

An immense ship full of church mice

They had funny curvy tails

And twisty handlebar moustaches

A colony of bandicoot musketeers

Soon jumped down drowning drum of a ship

Whilst seven of them musketeers

Holding on one each other's tails

Like a long rope

That one with masts sails

Or that holds an anchor

Wearing each vestibules of seven different colours

Green, white, violet or purple, red, black and golden 

White church mouse

 For purity, joy, triumph 

Like a pure pilgrim of cotton tweed bishops

Full of glory 

Holding a white candle in one hand

And clutching unto a tail the other

Symbolising birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ

Red the saintly one marching

Side by side

Singing Christmas carols

Holding on to next tail with one hand

In his tother

 Easter bunnies stacked neatly inside a red box

He carried joyfully

Violet the penitent church mice

Like a grim one of Lent

Consecrating bread and wine

 Fasting almsgiving

In preparation the Lords Resurrection at Easter

Holding his holy host immortal and divine

In one hand 

And clutching to next rats tail tother one

And a vibrant one of Advent

Celebrating the coming of Christ's Birthday

Clutching the next tail in queue

Carrying a special gift in a wrapped up box with a purple bow

Even one black mourning church mouse

 In black vestibule

Mourning for his dead companions

With a crucifix in one hand

Tail in tother

And a green church Priest mouse

Like good 'Saint Padre Pio'

For preaching sermons

Justifiably righteous

For masses in ordinary time 

Symbolising hope and life

With a Bible in one hand

Tother he clutched onto a straying

Piece of driftwood

All clutched tails sailing single driftwood 

Hoping to keep their heads high and chin upps above salty waters

Princess Alice's pool of salty tears

Princess Alice Fairy

Whilst sailing by them

Rowing along her battered corn cup of a boat shell

With oars of celery stalk

And drumsticks as its anchor

Persistently asked the 7 musketeer church meeces

"Ahoy there! Where are you off to my dear friends?

And why trailing like a rope 

Do you clutch curly long tails?"

In a saintly way they reciprocated

Full gusto and whim

In a cheerful chorus whilst they sang

"O when saints go sailing by….

And when the sun, begins to shine,

Oh, when the trumpet, sounds its call

Oh, when the saints go sailing by,
Oh, how I want to be in that number
 When the saints go swimming by….

To our Abbey of course

With our curly long tails as ropes

For our bandwagon procession

Colony of a mice boat

But we must take care

Of Chartreux cats

Of the monastery nearby

For every time one died

A new one was tied out just outside the monastery belfry


Thinking to herself Princess Alice tried to figure out

"I wonder why?"

Thence Princess Alice stupefied exclaimed

"Just like wailing walls of seven lives

Where witches, elves, pixies, gnomes and sorcerers

Gather near for prayer and religious lament

Hence after their one cat died

Another one was replaced

Symbolising completeness and perfection

Comfort and consolation in misfortune!

By caterwauling wall of cats!"

 "Yes we suppose!"

They retorted

Nodding twainly "Yes" to Princess Alice whilst swimming by 

Colony of fast swimming rats

Surprisingly instead of sinking or drowning they

Busily like a miracle

Floated upon a sleeping log of wood

Princess Alice further questioned them

"What would really be its sole purpose?"

Thence replied they must curiously

A funny answer

Reciprocating her querulous query 

With a perilous reply

The church mice 

Explained with delirious excitement

"Family traditions are passed down

From one generation to the next

And they are not always a great thing

To pass down!

Just like family recipes, spells and concoctions

Everyone keeps passing, even 

When they taste terrible

Scholars can make even stupidity

Sound intelligent"

"What do you mean?"

Princess Alice enquired

The church mice musketeers replied

"We think a lot of us

Live our whole lives unenlightened

Just like this doing this and that

Over and over again

Like celebrating Princess Alice Day

Even without knowing the meaning

Of it"

(They meant Women's Day)

Princess Alice too curious and astonished

Asked the colony of rats

"What does it mean….. 'Princess Alice Day'?"

Strangely curious to know more than ever

What they meant by celebrating her name day

Much like a famous celebrity

As if 'twas her birthday

They answered

"Respect for all Alice's in the world

For little girls so curious

Just like you

We know all the time since we met you

The importance of little ladies

In our Maguk world

Your Birthday emphasises 

Finding its real value and significance

True meaning of it

Maybe tying of Chartreux cats

Symbolizes tying up our animal

Needs and desires during meditation

In order to achieve higher levels

Of consciousness!"

Princess Alice concluded to herself

"This story is more about the fallings

Of one man than rituals, cats or scholars

All of us falling into a great big chasm

Into strange Maguk well"

Then dazed in a dizzy sort of way

By the spinning of her battered corn cup 

Of a boat shell along with

Lil' Dinah her cat and the Pink Bunny

Princess Alice doled out 

A funny poem on Church meeces

Scribbling quickly stanzas on her little note book

She always carried one in her pocket

With a pen

As justly inky feathered quill tip described

What Princess Alice fabricated……..


'A poem of Church Meeces


"A colony of church meeces

Hosts of angels in jeopardy

Landing in a great turmoil

Right in middle of sea

Of Princess Alice's Salty tears

Plink, Plonk, Plunk, Pluck, Ponk, Pling, Plong

Named each pesky pests they

Prinked up courageous church Meeces

Unflinchingly proceeded

Like pilgrims gently progressing 

One by one 

Matching handlebar moustaches

Purple, red, white, golden, violet, green and black

 With good as glittering gold

Hearts on their sleeves

 In vestibules of seven different colours

Purple, red, white, golden, violet and green

Even one big black bandicoot

And another carrying a gift with a purple bow

As if for a great christening reception

Totally seven set out holding

Each one the others tail

Towards the brightest 'Star of Magi'

Practicing how to swim

Dived down the rocking doldrums of a vessel

From up above diving board thrumming

Scuttled right they

Diving deep below

Paddling feet and gulping air from above

Then immersing their learned heads

Back in water again

Threw up salty bubbles

Cheering in spirits 

"Bravo" "Bravo" "Bravo"

"Well Done!" "Church Meeces"

Congratulated and encouraged one another

A lot of seven holy church meeces

All of them

Surprisingly not drowning or sinking

Only clutching dearly for lives

On a driftwood sail

Floated they landlubbers


Like a flubber-dubber boat

Onto tails instead of ropes

Church mice musketeers

Holding onto a sleeping log of wood

Said they in chorus

"To dear Princess Alice

All on Woman's Day"

Eight of March I suppose

They called 

'Princess Alice Fairy Day'

Scampering, scraping along 

On a log of a wooden bark

"Do our tails shiver?

 Oh Dear! 

When we near Cat Lodge…..

Belfry monastery

Full of Tiger Monks

Lions, monkeys, donkey sorcerers

Bears, sloths, hens, cock witches

Dogs, emus and cow elves

They bound one Chartreux cat a bell by its collar

Every time another

Tied they 

After the first one died

Just outside its belfry 

A ritual they follow

To them it pleases

To us much displeases

On a log of sleeping bark

Till it ceases sailing

Must we fear our dear lives

Apprehension and alarm!

A curse or blessing!

Till we heard bells ringing again

'Thrinning Drinning Grinning'

Almost peals of Church Bell gongs

Rather sounded they like Dinner Bells!

Oh so appalling instead appealing

Dingling dangling scruffs 

Of Chartreux monastery cat's bells

We musketeer mice

The Chartreux Cat had belled

I suppose the noise soon faded and died down

To a faint

'Thrinning Drinning Grinning'

Barely us escaping their clutches, claws, talons and tails

Through sheer grins and skin of our teeth

Skilfully plying boats

Manoeuvring with curly tails our gritty topses

Should you guess? 

Whether it cat napped (caterwauling grinning cats) or if we succeeded

Should we altogether at once now disappear?

Down meandering streams

Or babbling brooks

Before he pounces

A Chartreux cat that mewed and purred so loud

Instead of hounds that pounded and chased behind him

'A fifty dollar note mews, barks, squeals in a jar scuffle'

Raining now

Cats, dogs and church meeces

Of Princess Alice's salty tear drops

 Howls and barks

So does whines, mews, squeals, squeaks, hollers, hisses and cries

All mingled like tear drops in a jar

So as the saying goes

'Let sleeping dogs lie'

'Curiosity killed the cat'

Do us reminiscence

Before we turn into meals

Cat's tasty veal

Our tails curly and long

Right to the end of our journey

Catching each the others sorry tail

So sad sorrowful our tale

Drifting right till the end

Our strange destination"

Till Black Church Mice Priest 

Clergy or Pastor

In his white vestibule

Now offering condolences to one the other

In his holy green robes and cassocks

Until all 

Successfully reached

The Abbey pulpit

Where he preaches

Past the eerie monastery

Clowder of cats 

Pack of dogs

Ambush of tigers

Pride of lions

Troop of monkeys

Hoard of jacks and jennets

Flock of hens and cocks

Kine of cows

Snuggle of sloths

Sloth of bears

And mob of emus to go by

"Woe Begone!

Pests abhorred

And saints revered!

All holy musicians of Bremen

Who much to our surprise

Were timid monks and nuns dressed in

Tunics, cincture, scapulars and a mantle

Like sheep in wolves clothing

Pounced did they poor rats

Upon us preys"

The black church holy mice priest

Still piously preaching sermons and speeches

Of saints martyrs

Crucifix upon Mount of Calvary

Hill of Golgotha

Where Jesus Christ was crucified as an

Atonement for sin

With a victorious orange and yellow sunrise in background

Two along with him nailed

One taunted Jesus about not saving himself

The other known as Penitent Thief asked for mercy

"Shows how each one of us should

Accept our crosses and repent

Rejoicing in living life yet to come"

With halos, wings and curly long tails

Right to tip Mount Ever Rest"

For they resisting vile temptations 

Without stain of mortal sin

Accomplished rat races right to finish line

Of good virtues, morals and principles

Proudly holding Moses tablet 

"Ten Commandments"

Aiming Perfection though faced reality sordid and grim

Finally reached

The tip of a pinnacle

Till pesky little mice now fully fledged


Flitted with wings, halos and propellers

Like dazzling Halloweens in dark

R.I.P at last!

As for the strange wailing Chartreux butterfly cats

They possessed seven lives!

Whilst Chowder usher and Poodle dogs

Turned Papillon pups with strange 

Butter wings for ears with magic wands

Rest all monks along with nuns

Of animal monastery

With wings and halos flew they

To silver moon

Down great grey skies below

Whilst jubilant clouds emerging under 

Strange monastery of the sea

Somewhere in between heavens

Arose mystifyingly as if in purgatory

Enveloping all around its misty veil

Sea scroll of strange letters 

Scrawled and scrambled mischief of

Church mice with halos and wings scribbled…..

With curly long tails

Whiskers and propellers 

'Pilgrims of Seas Above'"


Finally Princess Alice along with pet Lady Dinah

Her Lil' cat waving them a goodbye

As the colony of pesky rats proceeded their brave journey

To the tip mount Ever Rest

She continued sailing along

In a battered corn cup boat

Till it hemmed closely within an island

Where Princess Alice along with Lil' Dinah

 Alighted the fairy ship

Letting off Pink Rabbit too

Dearly clutching to his waist-coat pocket clock

"Oh Dear! Oh Dear! I shall be late!"

He remarked again 

Twitching his fur and whiskers

And running farther away into the wilderness

Of the blue lagoons!

Underneath the blue grey steely 

Background a luscious boat was sailing in the skies

It belonged to Cheshire grinning cat of course!



Finally curious moon below

Spilled the beans

And let Cheshire grinning cat

Out of the bag

A smile as wide as an inviting boat

Princess Alice was alarmed

At such a luminous thing below sailing

Down the sky

Princess Alice wondered what the time was

So she asked the Cheshire grinning cat of a boat

Sailing harmoniously

The sky down below

"Pray tell me little luminous grinning cat

I can't afford to be late

What is the time and date?

Could you please tell me

'Twas long before I let myself

Fall into the deep well

And now I guess I am getting very very late!"

Even her little Pet Dinah

Wondered how little cats with funny grins

Like the Cheshire puss

Appeared in skies below

O' wasn't it so very interesting

As she mewed and purred delightfully

To what she witnessed


The Cheshire grinning cat of course


"O! Dear Princess Alice

You must visit Strange Mad Hatter

For that

Though he seems to forget the time and date

For here there are none of that

Only on clocks with faces like his

It shows wrong numbers all the time!

He made a pact with the Queen of Hearts

Or tarts you know

To tick her off timely and untimely strokes

Ticking of course his head and pendulum

To and fro

Blimey strokes as well stroked against

The raucous sea preciously

Silly as 'tmay seem!"

Then laughing like a giggling

Chandelier of crystal drops

"Trinkle Trinkle Trinkle Trink"

He disappeared in the sky below




Princess Alice walked for several miles and miles

When along the way she eyed

A curious red and white peppermint mushroom

So beautiful and deliciously decorated and spotted

That soon Princess Alice hastened to taste it

Offering a bit to her Lil' cat Dinah

Then after they biting and munching into a large piece

From one of its sides

Princess Alice remarked

"MMMmmmm…… such an unusual peppermint

Candy mushroom! With strawberry marshmallow

On the inside"

Just as she was going to take another big bite

As well offer another portion to her little cat

She felt herself growing long and twisted

And her neck abnormally long almost touching the candy floss clouds

Because she was upside down and the skies

Like a turnip or radish growing upside down below

Its blue tarp

She grew and grew just as tall with twisty neck

Side by side poor Lil' Dinah her cat too

Almost matching a phase of growing adolescence to maturity

Necks spiralling downward like a tall turret

Into plumy skies

In a wink of an eye!

Reached a kettle of soaring kites

By tall coconut trees

Until they came across a nest of

A husband and wife Kite

Cushioned well atop a sturdy branch of its coconut palm leaves

Attending cheeping Cheel baby egg hatchlings

Guarding them from poor Princess Alice

Father kite commented to mother kite

"I say too many snakes on the coconut tree"

As they flapped their wings most terribly

At Princess Alice and Lil' Dinah her cat

To protect their nest eggs on the tall fortress

Of a coconut tree

Whilst mother Cheel Kite retorted rather angrily

"Be off snakes or we'll show you 

A lesson or two 

Ethics and etiquette-

Thou shall certainly not steal what's ours

So shall you see

What beaks can do to tell tale necks of serpents…..

From eating our hatchlings

Good riddance be off the two of you"

 Princess Alice almost felt

Heads and necks soaring right above clouds like

An Ups-a-daisical flower

Whilst watching Lil' poor Dinah

Come after her twisting, turning heads and necks

Till it stopped right outside the nest house

Desperately pleading and urging the kites to stop

Attacking them

Princess Alice though her head was not quite on her shoulder


"We are not serpents please

Don't you try to bite off our heads

We certainly don't savour neither devour 

Nor take pleasure pilfering raw eggs"

Luckily an idea struck Princess Alice

Like a match strikes tinder on tarp of a sky

Removing the red and white peppermint candy mushroom

From inside her apron pockets

She bit off another portion from tother side of it

Offering a piece to Lil' cat Dinah 

She most obediently bit into it

Princess Alice sighing "Pheww…." 

Very much now relieved

As she felt their very towering heads and necks fall

Once again twisting through the clouds right upon her shoulder

Travelling right from top down 

Shutting up like a kaleidoscope

It's ever changing cataclysmic views and optical patterns

As they went further far below

Till into a tiny spec of a dot

Along with Lil' cat Dinah purring contentedly 

Like a caterwauling chrysanthemum

Princess Alice had once heard a strange one caterwauling like Lil' cat Dinah 

Copying her mew and purr exactly the same pitch and syllables


As faint as mewww purrrrrrr……"

A great big giant Ferris wheel flower Chrysanthemum

Mewing delectably

Their heads vanishing through atmosphere 

Like obvious balloons of conversation

 Hissing without air

Sssssssssssss……..like paper jet snakes in air!

Both Princess Alice and Lil' cat Dinah

Experienced a rollercoaster of a jaunty rocket ride

As if they'd been on a whirligig of galloping horses

Mews, sighs, purrs, hisses, heads and necks

Rightly falling down again

From heavens twisting as they went

Side to side, left and right

As they birding

A horning of pigeons

A cote of doves

Till heads and necks rested

Back where it really belonged

Down below her lower extremities the strange

Maguk land

Princess Alice felt like an amateur 'Twitcher' or 'Birder'

Or a more scientific study of birds

An Ornithologist!



Everything appeared quite the same

Princess Alice and Lil' cat Dinah

Walking nearly for 20 miles

Till finally she saw a torch far far away

Said Princess Alice to herself

"I guess 'tis face of a sea clock

Looks like a light house too

How will I ever reach the funny place?

Right in middle of sea!"

Though it made no sense altogether

A clock face without a time or a date 

Upon it

Princess Alice smiled at Lil' cat Dinah


A sea otter gleefully

Offered to escort her

Said the friendly sea otter to Princess Alice

"I guess you shall come along

To the party of Mad Hatter the timely

Untimely Clock of our light house"


On the way by the shore side ride Princess Alice

Glimpsed many wagging, wiggling spectacular sights

Beholding the sea bed of glistening pearls

White frosted crabs

Icy sharks

Along with cabbage icicles and beetroot snowflakes

That the sky invented

From down below

With its cutter stencils

Blustered together with salty water and brine

As they marched

With tuxedo tailed penguins

Sword nosed fishes

And crabs with claws like pincers and hooks

Up above 

The Maguk well shore side

All reconciled at Mad Hatter's tea party

 Ducks, Drakes 

Partridges, swans

Guinea pigs, dodos

 Lories, turkeys, peacocks 

Puffins, Pelicans, quails

Cormorants, Lovey-dovey Love Birds as well

"One for all, all for one"

They greeted

Even march hares, rats, weasels

And dormice!

Hoisted the flag



Inspired by its scroll

A script by Lewis Caroll

Princess Alice went on to make one herself

She named 'Jabber Wickey'


"Hickerey fickerey swicckhey

Fishey swishey flummery

Swhiney slitherey flitterey

Flippery Twippery

Frippery frippet mermaids

'Mouches', crested waves 'vooches'

In and out

Black 'flipperies' tails and 'toueches'

Green lungs 'gooueches'

Breathing gills 'glinchees'

Whispering murmurs 'mermouthers'

Vanishing hulls 'teetoers'

Masts quite abnormally big 'miststrotters'

Like giant hosts of ghostly ships 'shooufertrs'

In a tureen 'turtooters'

Gigantic moons 'mormooteers'

With Cheshire grins 'groouters'

Grippery grinnery

Grinding mills 'milloooters'

Sometimes dappling yolks 'yelkeeters'

Sunny side up 'silouesously'

And down 'dillocious and derellious'

The 'grangy' grungy cliffs 'flafflously

Of mountains 'moonoutoneeters' and stones 'spillentekeeters'

Like sinewy triceps 'tricepititors'

The craggy shore side 'sharousously'

Flithery flishery flimsery flimery flammery

White hands and pink paws 'parrocously'

Waving to Gins 'ginneries'

Beside wells of woven fantasy 'farrowcously'


Like a silver spoon 'spillicle'

Dipped into a silver cup 'cuppicle'

Spooning pearls of moonlight 'picckle'

And salty tear drops 'droupicle'

Called Moon stones of WISDOM! 'mooravaggishfisshes'

To everyone's delight 'elicoush'

I hope one day 'onaciously'

We all fall 'flishiously'

As Humpty Dumpty did 'humptously and dumptously'

And with a magnifying lens 'maglicously'

See not a single flaw 'flawflously'

A flawless kingdom 'stulicious'

Where sea shines upright 'precocioush'

It glossy tub 'relishious'

Whilst skies opened 'turreshious'

Its curtain 'cullisious'

Down below 'bellicious'

The strange twisted spiral stairway 'sppirroucious'

Going endlessly inside a tureen 'turreshious'

Dark and hollow 'hollousious and horraciously'

Hickey fickey swicckhey

Fishey swishey flummery

Swhiney slithery flitterey

Flippery Twippery

Frippery frippet mermaids

'Mouches', crested waves 'vooches'

In and out 'innocuously'

Black 'flipperies' tails and 'toueches'

Green lungs 'gooueches'

Breathing gills 'glinchees'

Whispering murmurs 'mermouthers'

Vanishing hulls 'teetoers'

Masts quite abnormally big 'miststrotters'

Like giant hosts of ghostly ships 'shooufertrs'

In a tureen 'turtooters'

Gigantic moons 'mormooteers'

With Cheshire grins 'groouters'

Grippery grinnery

Grinding mills 'milloooters'

Sometimes dappling yolks 'yelkeeters'

Sunny side up 'silouesously'

And down 'dillocious and derellious'

The grungy 'grangy' cliffs 'flafflously'

Of mountains 'moonoutoneeters' and stones 'spillentekeeters'

Like sinewy triceps 'tricepititors'

The craggy shore side

Flithery flishery flimsery flimery flammery

Gorgeously all wonder struck! 'vorraciously'

Beneath fathomless 'finottious and filiciously'

'Millimmerters, centrimetters, decibelitters, and kilomeneters!'

'Finitoonetters finished'


Woe be to Doodoubtters"


Yet like sun rising and setting

Prince of Majestic universe

 Vanished and appeared

Shining purest of pure

Hearts, spirits and soul

 His head like a sanctifying host 

Down changing hues of atmosphere

Magukcal Skies

Magukcally though!

 He was the changeling of the classic tale, thrust on mankind who was 

Merciful and just--- returning good for evil

Treating our enemies better than they deserve!




When finally the sea otter stopped

Right at tother end

Of the strange light house

Where a Clock tower man

Named Mad Hatter

Was seated right at the longest end

Of a funny table

Spread with choicest tea table delights

Funny fish roes, caviar, jelly squids, canapé of fish mustard

Pickled Prawns and dried Bombilloes (Of Bombay Duck)

Everything fishy of course

With garlic buttered toast

Thence funny clock man

Began a conversation with Princess Alice

And her little cat Dinah

Asking a few conundrums

For he loved doing so all the time

"Why do you look so a raven?

Inky, black and curly

Almost a writing desk?"

Princess Alice feeling quite proud

 Like a clever lady hen

Strutting 'cluck' 'cluck' 

Flaring out her mantle and chest

Holding her head high 

Replied "Ravens and Crows are clever

Maybe that's why….."

It didn't do much to his clock face

He just went on

"I guess you came here to find the time

Do you know why my face is like a clock?

All the time the time and dates fly

Whilst I prefer tea time over here

Quite contrary to low tides

I like High Teas all the time

Can you tell me why?"

Princess Alice putting a finger on her cheek

Which you usually see Shakespeare

In pictures of him

In pictures with funny balloons of ridiculous conversations!

As one can imagine

Romeo on his knees serenading Juliet

At the top of a tower

Inside her lattice window

With heart blurbs and arrows

Similarly in MAGUK kingdom

Each time one convincingly spoke

Balloons of conversation

Rose thither beautiful blue skies

Deep down below

Of different sizes and colours

Depending on the matter inside

As soon as conversation stopped

Like bubbles of imagination bursting

Would they go 'Poppity Pop Pop'

Sometimes balloons took funny shapes

 Turns, knots and twists

Like a balloon man would do toy balloons

Or silly speech cartoons

Princess Alice spellbound by the

Entrancing speech balloons

Thought for quite sometime

Till air pumped up her

Conversation blurbs

Then coming up with a brilliant answer

Like a Light bulb

(Balloons looking like bulbs and clocks

Arose high up right below the sky filling her speech bubbles

As if reading her mind beforehand what she put forth

Like a spectacular array of a colourful balloon show)

She replied

"Maybe because the time here 

Never listens

Just flies oppositely

Like gravity pulls one downward

Here propels sky's the limit

Forward running always

Thither down the other side

As you can see the moon down below

And sea plainly with earth crust

On its top!

Standing upon it a funny moon clock tower

Right in the middle of sea"

(After which they went 'Pop! Pop! Pop!' with a bang

It preceded several colourful cartoons of speech

Balloons and filled the skies dancing and 

Bursting right at the bottom)


Retorted the Mad Hatter

"I give you hundred on hundred"

Clapping his hands 

Along with the rat, weasel, Dormouse, march hare

And funny Cheshire moony cat grinning from below

All spectators of the Mad Tea Party

"She guessed the conundrum at last

She did"

They said tittling-tattling to them

"O' such a wise though foolish thing"

Princess Alice turned mad

For calling her foolish

She thought she was pretty clever

At all things

Dipping her hands at every little thing

Like a Queen of all trades

And a go getter

Even an all rounder

She turned to them and said

"Well I am getting quite hungry

Is this all on the table

Fish! And Fish! And Fish?"

"Well!" Replied the Mad Hatter

"You do love mermaids don't you?

"You can have a spread of garlic butter on a toast

But can you marry a wife without a knife?"

Once again he asked her ridiculous riddle

And answered it himself

"Not if you buttered bread without it of course

Can you butter bread without a knife?

Or cut it with a knife without a wife?"

"Why" said Princess Alice

"Surely she would butter it for you

She would be a house wife you know!"

As a riddle went through Princess Alice's head

Whilst she fell into the deep Maguk well

"Do cats eat bats?

Or do bats eat cats?"

A conundrum she put forth to Mad Hatter

Not so pleased to hear so

For Bats and Cats

Were never on his menu

Said Mad Hatter to Princess Alice Fairy

"Well not if they do dream like cats

And shine like bats

For here they are upside down

The sky like diamonds twinkling

Making a matchless match

Diamond bat husband

For a dreamy cat wife y'know!"

Princess Alice retorted

"A handy solution

To keep them eating one another!

Fighting like cats and bats I mean

Rather He earns pennies

And she blows them like a candle"

Both Mad Hatter and

 Fairy Alice along with Lil' cat Dinah

Had a hearty good laugh

Whilst the dormouse intervened

"You should say what you mean

Is the same thing as you mean what you say"

The rat added

 "You see what you eat is the same thing as you eat what you see"

 Princess Alice fairy

To the Dormouse and rat

Acting like quite an intellect said

"Just like I like what I get is the same thing as I get what I like"

To which the Dormouse added

Whilst talking in his sleep

"That is sleep when I breathe is the same thing as I breathe when I sleep"

Mad Hatter's clock face head ticked past

Whether it went forward or backward one never knew

Maybe one or two years passed quickly by

And Mad Hatter still went on with riddles and conundrums

None of them could answer

Only with fading "Nay's I don't" and Yay's I do"

Surprisingly turned up answers 

Totally wrong

To Mad Hatter's dismay

Quite angry though

Desperately pulling the buzzer over his head

Like three blasts from a ships trumpet

For every wrong answer

Though all were wrong

Even turned red looking at the sleeping dormouse

Talking gibberish and nonsense in his sleep

Didn't seem to make much sense at all!

As he went on 

"Snuuuurp's Blissssssssss's Bleeeeeeeps


Why do rats bell cats?"

Whilst answering it himself

"When cat's away meeces have fun Snnnnzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

Princess Alice fairy

 Sighed wearily 

"I think you might do something better with time

Than waste it in riddles that have no answers"

She said to Mad Hatter

"If you knew Time as well as I do"

Said the Hatter peevishly to Princess Alice Fairy

"You wouldn't talk about wasting it"

Princess Alice Fairy shrugged her shoulders

And so did Lil' cat Dinah



Thence the toast machine

Made a large Popping noise

And two toasts speaking rather crackling and quickly

Popped their heads out the timely toasts on a tea tray

After an hour or so


(For the clock pendulum went to and fro so many times)

"It must have struck sixty or more!"

Chattered the Toast People amongst themselves

"'Twas getting quite hot in there

Maybe TWO many climate changes

(For they were toasty twosome)

'Tmight snow all around years to come

O well I never!

Or still better late than never

The world's not getting any better now-a-days

And we are getting fried, tanned and toasted

Even roasted galore by the sunny glare!"

Princess Alice hearing this was quite astonished

The tea tray talking to Poor Alice

She must've gone definitely gaga

Said she to the Mad Hatter

"How do you suppose shall I eat such

Talking toasty people"

Well said the mad hatter

Raising his glass

As if toasting to such a proposal

"You should be like little Elsie, Lacie and Tillie

They lived at the bottom of the well you know"

"Why?" Princess Alice Questioned

"Well because they could not live on top

Just like you, you know"

"And what did they live on"

Further she questioned

Mad Hatter replied

"They lived inside it though 'twas a treacle well

I suppose

Instead of jam

So Treacle syrup I suppose"

"Mmmm…. Sounds delicious"

Princess Alice exclaimed

"But I love orange Marmalade"

"Well suits you"

Replied Mad Hatter

"If you can eat it with toasty people"

"They're too much like caramelised Sugar"

Princess Alice said

"I would prefer them some time white

But black never

Black is Beautiful

But not when it's on your toastie"

"What about Brown?" said the 

Mad Hatter

"O' dear you are much too 'Mad' I suppose"

Princess Alice concluded

"Over here everyone's mad

Your Mad, I am mad 

We all are"

Said Mad Hatter to Princess Alice

Then dipping the dormouse

In a tea pot

And waking him from his deep slumber

The poor thing just was surprised

Just as much poor Princess Alice was

As his head turned moist

With hot tea

The weasel and rat their curvy tails

Proceeded to tell Princess Alice a story

"Our tail on ends

Never stop twirling

We strongly abhor cats

But love high teas

Along with peppered 

Fish pieces

And crumbly cheese

Fried in semolina and floury egg batter

Deep and crispy

Maybe 'Fish n chips'

Or even mackerel stew forever with lime and honey

Skidding squid calamari down throats

Oven toasted baked sardines

Oysters with a drizzle of soya

A serving of extra chopped cilantro

Or funny sea horses, gentle mussels

And wobbling jellies 

Right on our toasty breads!

Even sword nosed sword fishes we'd fight

What about crabs they'd jostle with swords

And pincers

And lobsters with antennae's and claws

I suppose it'd be tough to win against those

We the poor spectators

Of Mad Hatter's Tea show!"


"Now would you prefer…."

Said they

Counting one two three or four

On fingers 

"Little sugar cubes

For your cup"

Then pouring soundly tea from a tea kettle

As it whistled 'Pheeeeeee' merrily

From the hot stove

Mixing in milk from a milk jug

Into a tea cup

"Shall you have one, two, three or none?

We suppose"

Before she could answer

They dropped five sugar crystal cubes

And began they stirring vigorously their cups

Putting it to their mouth

As steaming hot smoke came out like a pewter kettle

Through their ears and nose

Whilst March Hare sipped feebly from his tea cup

Raising a toast of peppered prawn bits grilled 

So brown and nice

Exchanged another one for weasel and pink bunny

They too sipping now their tea cups

And biting with great relish into their buns and toasts

Princess Alice then firmly retorted

Though they were too busy sipping piping hot tea

And eating away to glory

Not caring the least bit for Princess Alice


Whether it mattered or not Princess Alice continued

"I'd prefer a tea or coffee

Sugarless if you please

I'd mind the calories

Before I plunge with delight

Into my ginger tea, caramel or hazelnut Nescafe"

As on the table there was variety

For selection

Even mint, cranberry, eucalyptus, lemon grass

Cappuccino, cinnamon, 'caffeol' roasted coffee beans

Princess Alice fairy

Pouring her a hazelnut Nescafe

And Lil' cat Dinah

A hot spicy cinnamon Tea

Along with a big bowl of flavoured red snapper

Popcorn, Caesar Salad and macadamia nuts

For Lil' Dinah a bowl of Schesir Tuna

With mullets!

Together they enjoyed

The Mad Tea Party!


Whilst Mad hatter, the funny clock

Twisting the needle or hands

Of his clock face to twelve O'clock

Whether midnight or noon

Nobody knew time or date

Shone brilliantly his funny towering


Like a light house Candle 

Upright he stood

"Brrrrrrrrrrring Trrrrrrrrrrring Drrrrring"

His clock pendulum went to and fro

Like a neck tie

Striking almost Glorious Bells of Heaven!


Princess Alice did have a jolly laugh

At her ogling spectators

And the funny Moon Clock Tower

Reminding her of the Nursery Rhyme

"The clock struck one

And the mouse climbed up

Then down again

The clock struck twice

All fell quiet again

Only shores of jolly High tide

Smashed upon Mad Hatter

The funny moon clock Tower's face

Again and again!

Hickory Dickory Dock"

They all made Princess Alice

Pull chord of a funny upside down pin-hole camera

Crooning away together

"Come lets all stand together


Or dividedly we fall 

Count from 1 to 20 before you

Pull on the chord"

Squeaking, chattering and quibbling

Like little prattlers and rattlers

Princess Alice counting 1 to 20 thence pulling chord

Stood amongst them before an upside down picture

Was clicked magically by the funny upside down pin-hole camera

Including the Mad Hatter clock tower man

Lil' cat Dinah, Dormouse, Weasel, Rat, Cheshire Moony Cat

Pink rabbit Puck, March Hare and Weasel

All seated around the longest table of funny Moon Clock Tower Man!

"Wonderful 'tis good news to me!

To see us stand united

True Friendship

No foes forever!"

Princess Alice exclaimed seeing funny portrait

Of the Mad Tea Party

All together in an upside down picture



Further proceeded spiel sequence of her fantasy journey

Along sea bed of glistening pearls

Asking a little mermaid Mabel swishing tails

For a ride on the rousing sea tide

Well Princess Alice guessed her name

Maybe because Mabel was written

On a chain she wore upon her neck

Like calligraphy so well defined and fully gold

She swam Princess Alice and Lil' Dinah upon her back

From the livid lighthouse jargon

And clownish spectators

To funny land right into a vanity case mirrored dimension

On the way they had a conversation

"What a beautiful bucket you sail in

Filled with priceless pearls"

Said Princess Alice to mermaid Mabel

"I appreciate you love them

Would you want some?

 I can give you as many you like"

Then taking a cupful in her hands

The sea water just splashed into them

They turned to pearls

"We call them Pearls of Wisdom"

Then saying a few magical lines

"Turn Pearls before Swine"

Lo! Behold they turned to a pearl choker

Around Princess Alice's neck

So surprised was Princess Alice

With a necklace made of swinish pearl critiques

Thanking mermaid Mabel

Princess Alice went further to elaborate

To mermaid Mabel

"How Pearls before a Swine

Made wiser maidens much more wise"

As Princess Alice Fairy


"Women grow much older much wiser

Almost little girls of nursery kindergartener's

Whilst men much like Old Brother William's

I suppose very much indeed

Swine before Pearls"

Thence making a request for some more wisdom pearls

"Pearls before Swine"

Uttering the magic rhyme 

Mermaid Mabel gave Princess Alice another choker

This one was pink

Princess Alice's cordial gesture 

This one was for mermaid Mabel

Even though she wished to gift it to Lil' cat Dinah

She did not want to trouble mermaid Mabel

Busy thinking how jolly it was

In the funny sea bed of pearls

Things kept getting weird and weirder of course!

Almost eccentrically

In a strange and unusual way

That is sometimes humorous an adventure story

Princess Alice performed a cadenza 

She sung rallentando and greatly diminuendo

For her good friend

Mermaid Mabel


Ole Brother William


"You are ole Brother William

Like white ginger bread snow

Sprinkled with sugar dust

On a wintery snow blizzard day

Yet you seem to be rich and grand

Driving a luxurious sports limousine 

Complexion now totally sun tanned

Pray tell me

How doth you do it?"


"When I was younger…."

Ole Brother William replied

"I rode my Candy cane sister on a unicycle bike

Up pipe castles in skies

With my guitar and her trumpet

To reach us music lessons

Dame Julie Andrews

In monastery Abbey so very high

Taught to us daily

July 'twas maybe the fourth

Or maybe 26th of Jan

Independence Day of U.S.A and

Republic Day of India respectively by chance

Just like a fluffy white

Polar bear clown

Cycling on a single wheel

Without as much a frown

So now I suppose

I could balance myself

On a four wheeler very very well

Even balance as an astronaut on space voyage a mid-air bounce

Just like Captain James T. Kirk

Returned from hiatus

Beyond lacuna and nebula

Aboard Star Trek contraption

Star ship U.S.S Enterprise!

As for my tanned complexion

 I turned so black

Charred even more black than coal or tar

Though not bitter ever a teeny bit even

Black jack, caramelized sugar or black coffee burnt beans

But mild as golden camomile tea

 For ice soon melted and thawed 

Whilst sun grew hot 

Blaring like a smouldering furnace

Like a cat on hot bricks rather a bear

 So did burn I mercilessly

At last Silver Fur turned truest colour so rare

A black shaggy bear caterpillar

The reason for my tanned complexion

Imagine one like that

Right from North Pole!

Well maybe a glacier drifted apart

Tarrying me along

Further away south shoreline

Gravitating to Equator's totem pole!"


"You are ole Brother William

Yet you have not a single frown

Pray tell it to me

Why your face never creases

Neither lines on your crown and furrow"


"In my youth" ole Brother William replied

"I practiced to play like a fish

Very well

An electric eel

Blowing air into a pipe

With a 100 volt current

Strengthening my jaws and mussels

Why I even blow bubbles on a pipe

And balloons big and nice

It just never ceases

That is why my face never creases

Neither frown lines on my furrow

Only a crown for my golden curls and ringlets!

To please vainly my reflection in a vanity mirror

Plainly you see

One practices what he teaches"


"You are ole Brother William

Yet your bones seldom crack

Or even snap

But supple as a sailing boat

Cruising on pliable waves of course

Pray tell me how doth you do it?"


"In my youth" said the ole nutcracker king

Of a whipper-snapper indeed!

"I used a balm of Spring

An ointment full of green leaves, dew drops and mildew

So happy relieved felt I

From shaggy bear brown caterpillar turned to imago 

A butterfly

Such translucent wings with colours

So bright-marvellous

Supplicating true candour-honesty

Quite frankly speaking though

Wit like sharpened pencil

Or as clear as crystal

Like colour T V antennae's display

'Tseemed to last forever

Almost touching hems of Prince's castle

I helmed by steer wheels

Sometimes oars

Sinewy hands with mussels

My sail boat

Down purple oaks, jabbernowling squirrels

And pink tambourines

Growing upside down Magukcally

Of upside down

Pink candy tuft cloud firths

Dreamy tunnels for keeps

Even by each passing seasons

Autumn, winter, rain or summer

My bones still pliable as ever

Just with a snap of fingers

Yielded supple as weathers

I could somersault in skies

My wings crescent or moon halves

So beautifully sailing by

Without breaking bones 

Or even certainly a crack!"

All nature motionless in 

An awesome




"You stand still like a fly

On the tip of the sky

Just like a butterfly

Pray old Brother William

Tell me

How well do you do it?"


"Well to tell you naked truth of course

Would be a shame

Just like the fly on your nose

A wrinkle or a pimple

In vain 'twould be

A shameful secret to disclose

I just turned fifty three

Nat King Cole 

A toasty butterfly bread winner

With pumpernickel tenterhooks of course

As I landed in Maguk kingdom

Now flitter flutter away

Little Fairy Alice

Whilst I sip into a honey tip pistil

And corolla cup

As I and you sip with a stamen straw-anther and filaments

Amongst Marie Gold's, gorget humming birds

 And ripe red cherries from afar

 We flit and fly

Upside down blue bells, buttercups

Or hyacinths

Upside down blue heavens

Ferrying an upside down boat

Far the Nubben!"


Mermaid Mabel swished her fancy tail

For she had never before heard

Anything so splendid

Showered upon Princess Alice and 

Lil' cat Dinah

Praises and applauses

Continuing on their journey spiel

Along the sea bed of plankton

And silver coin 'Tea' fishes along the way!

Whilst along the ferry way

Upon Mermaid Mabel

With Lil' cat Dinah

Princess Alice Fairy

Busily thinking to herself and now feeling very sorry too

"I did not like living in my poky house

With no play dolls

Or even toys

Having to learn all day


The Maratha Empire led by Shivaji, Peshwa Bajirao I, and Chhatrapati Rajaram

 The Mughal Empire led by Aurangzeb

 1757 Battle of Plassey led by Robert Clive with British forces and thusly The East India Company

Furthermore about freedom fighters 

Of Patriotic India and M K Gandhi like Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Francis Bacon

 Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln 

Even Mathematics, Prose or Geography

I learnt by heart

O' so pathetically woes I've never practiced"

 She admitted to herself

"Learning by heart

Instead of using brain pills for memory

Like Alexander the Great my green parrot

But guess down below things seem just better

Than before

 Having a mermaid doll

Pretty Mabel

Swim you to a fantasy wonderland

 Though I wish sometime what Alexander the Great my green parrot is up too

I guess he too decided to fly down here below

Strange Maguk well

Well! Maybe shall I meet him sometime soon again"

The strange Vanity facetted Mirror

It magically let them

Swim through it

A triple dimension

Princess Alice and Lil' Dinah

On the back of the pretty mermaid Mabel

With a name plate of gold

As they exited each their ways

Bidding a joyful goodbye

Princess Alice Fairy

Hoping Mermaid Mabel would hear

The straying piece into glitzy atmosphere

Like a buzzing blitzy mixture

Shore side news-paper sonnet

Like granola bar notes or granular sandy grain keys

Always her poem on 'Ole Brother William'

Lingering mid air on wavering breeze

Whenever she wished to laugh

Her Priceless pearls of wisdom!



A funny vanity mirror they preened in

That read words backwards

As well as their reversed strange reflections

Funny if you could imagine one preening into it

That strange "Kismet" foretold in crystal balls "Temsik" to 

Astrologers, preachers

Gypsies and fortune tellers

From ABC to ZXY

Its panoply of stars

Named "Galaxy"

From left to right

And vice versa


Flickered the sky brilliantly shining panorama of

 Cosmic alphabets

Stars and comets

Upon its funny vanity mirrors of space

Propelling downwards

Like shooting rockets, sparklers and stunning Catherine wheels 

That formed deep down strange

Maguk well

Whilst the land 

At tother end right on top lay

Thus ignited and sparked

Skies divine

Its halo deep below

The Milky Way "Yxalag"

Through fathomless miles and countless meters below

Not even stopping time, it's ticking numbers 

Along with it cursing 

Cursive and printed handwriting flowed

Reversed and forward

Analog, digital, electronic, auditory, tactile clocks

Pendulums like old grandfathers ticking to and fro

Even strange clock faces without dates and numbers

Only two hands winding deep

Underneath funny Maguk well

Unearthing a miners treasure

Upside down instead of downside up

In a deep uncharted crypt hidden like sparkling diamonds


Stood the pious kingdom

Of people, castles, carriages, animals, mountains 

Trees, temples, mosques, mausoleums and rivulets

All upside down

With its shiny constellations

The moon beams, suns golden arrows

Twinkling diamonds

Downside up

Down under strange

Maguk well

As Princess Alice composed

A poetry stanza


"Twinkle Twink

Little Bat!

How I wonder what you're at?

Up above the world so high

Like a tea tray in the sky

Down below the world so low

Contrary right to wrong

Backward to forward 

You shine and glow

Shine and glow

With peripheral lights

Wrongly do your diamonds lustre

Black and not translucent white

Upside down you shine

In this loving valley

In the dark blue blue sky


Full of rhythm and vigour

Against the earth

That you divide

So sodden and vile

Corrupt and evil

Disfigured and brute

Now underneath this strange dimension

You shine and lustre

Shine and lustre

Perfect and equal

Solemn and peaceful

Good and flawless

Beautiful and full of grace

In perfect symphony

Your world on top

And sky below


Though now your turn

Still upside down

Contrary wise

Little bat

Your kingdom just like you shines


A funny pearl of an oyster shell

In a sea up above

And sky down below

Maguk well

At its lowest extremities
 In between

You shine among paupers and kings

Beggars and vagabonds

Like a diamond black

And not translucent white

The earth you ridicule

And greet with derision

Twinkle Twinkle 

Twinkle Twink

Little bat

Now I know what you're at!"


For the Earth soon tired

Its pupils 

Of falseness and fake facade

Crocodile tears and fickle fame

But here in the magic realm

Everything stood true

Tried and tested 

Delicately balanced

Finely tuned 

Altruistic and real

Forged in fire

Perfectly supreme

Stood truest to true

 Its test of time

Through fortitude and patience

Above the shiny sun

In the sweltering heat

Topsy-turvy though!

Twinkle Twink"



Princess Alice with little Dinah 

Finally sighted down below strange Maguk well

An enchantment

Far far away

Decided to walk her journey

Right to portcullis of castle gates


Though it seemed like years 

Truly eternity

She enjoyed every bit of her fantasy adventure

When one day she would reach

A Beautiful 'House of cards'

Made of Fifty two

With spiralling towers, fortresses and turrets

Angling above while skies below it 

She marched forthright a brave soldier

Left! Right! Left! Right!


Thus thrust she herself

Into the unknown

Left foot forward then right

Like a dive of whales

A gaggle of geese

A flock of lambs

A pride of lions

A herd of horses

A caravan of camels

 A bevy of beautiful swans

Flocks of tourists and travellers

With their coats, cloaks and haversacks

Boarded 'Tren a las Nubes' (train to the clouds)

Pursuing Princess Alice on a hot Paper trail of Cards…..

Paper knaves, Jacks, Jill's

Jokers, Aces, Clubs, Diamonds

Hearts, Spades, Kings and Queens

Following Princess Alice and Lil' cat Dinah

To House of 52 Cards

Marching upright

For she believed

In this funny upside down land of Truth!


Along the way Princess Alice composed

A poetry….


The Balance of a Spindle


Like a weighing scale

A mariner's compass

A spindle weaving golden thread

Like a harpsichord, saxophone or a golden trumpet

Like a metronome ticks

That musician's measure time and beats

Black and white keys

On a piano or an organ

A flute or a harmonium

Symphony orchestra

Balanced such earthly delights

Even cries of goats, calves or sheep

Balance like bleats of a distant horn


Now in Maguk Kingdom

A stork delicately on one leg

A weather vane cock upon a roof shingle

An eagle spread wings atop a high cliff

Lion with a mighty roar in a jungle

Zebra crossing lines

Cats with purrs

Rats with curly tails

Pigs grunting "Oink, Oink"

Sea gulls take flight

Werewolves change air in moonlight

As they begin to howl and cry

A shiver up ones spine

A scream of cougar

A laughing hyena


So delicately and finely tuned

Said a translucent neon butterfly to a tiny sparrow

A swan song graceful entourage of necks and beaks

As lithely a fawn to a deer recited

With sharp arrows that a bow released

An antelope to a stag locked horns

As one blows a horn inside an old jalopy

Feathers for my cape

That one with quills jots down poets and authors

 An ancient scroll of History

Bites dust of course


Skeletons in closets revealed 

Were useless over here in vain indeed!

Tiger with stripes 

Strengthening prison bars of a gaol

Now set free its captives and prisoners

Or a leopard never changing his spots

A cheetah racing Puma to a finish line

Like water on a duck's back

Made no difference to pilgrims on a mission

A show case of them

Like a circus pandemonium

With just a needle or a spindle

Whittle with a knife

Carve with a mallet and chisel

Thread through an eye the needle

How good

'Twould do

To balance scales

Of human conscience


Like a Ballerina Ballet

A weight lifter lifting barbells

Fencing with a sword

A sabreur 

Or sabreuse the female equivalent

Harlequins with clowns pantomime

Following its discipline

The foil, the épée, and the sabre 

Along with humorous parodies

Subtle shades of rising and setting sun

Amalgam of one and all colours

Of a rainbow

Ostentatious display Peacock's

Feather plumage before a shower of rain

Whilst raking leaves 

Foliage turns to gold and silver 

A whale spouting a water fountain

A seal with his flippers clap 

At his entertaining show

A troop of mimicking gorillas

An army of madly hopping frogs inside a lotus pond

A nest of hissing vipers

A giraffe with a neck as long as an island on a map

As mighty as the ship of the desert cruising upon 

A camel's hump

Clop clopping by mounds and sandy dunes

An hour glass turned upside down

With dregs of sand


Timing so correct and precise

Infinite, boundless

Immeasurable, countless

Unfathomable multiverses

In a parallel universe

One reaps what he sows

As good as glittering gold

Corn in a maize field

Bees round a honey pot

Moths to flickering flames

Shining Star O' Bethlehem

Of Maguk candle

Stood Magukcally

Twain good gooder and goodest ('til a new one invented)

A land rising above all infirmities and wrongs


Like a Candle in the wind

Like mist and fog clearing

Through lens on rims of a spectacle

Unsweetened dough rising

Measuring yeast per pound of flour

Cloudburst of raindrops drizzling

Balancing a flame

Orange red and golden

That light cannot be hid under a bushel

Measure for measure

A teaspoon of sugar

A pinch of salt

A cup of lard

A spatula for chick peas and horse grams

A tablespoon of cinnamon or vinegar

Geometry with a scale or compass

Do architects landscapes measure

Artists practice one eye a thumb

To gauge angles, lines, proportions

As one very well balances single leg

Once again by a thumb

Measure by measure

A steal of a treasure!

Maybe a dentist and his wisdom tooth

Concealing words of wisdom inside


Even seals sent to uncharted territories

Like globetrotters in a voyage

Upon a ship up and down foamy waves

Explorers Vasco da Gama 

A Portuguese explorer

Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan

And Henry the Navigator

Pirates of the Caribbean 

Oyster pearls in shells 

Balanced the spindle so very well even

A name on a single grain of sand

Well written though

A tie and a clock pendulum swish

To and fro

Drum sticks striking drums

Butter spread on toast

Jam on a scone

Rocking chairs to and fro

Even a single strand

On a lock of hair


Whilst opens a key to a lock of a secret garden door

A noodle on a fork

Chopsticks held with two fingers and a nub

On either hand

Pebbles ricochet ripples along waters

Sierra of Cutlass Mountains

Clouds in a mist

A sword and a bayonet

Galloping horses of beauty, grace and balance

Balanced the spindle

Generously and flawlessly

Perfectly light

With so much a clear conscience

Concise and precise

As one ends full stop to a sentence

Such a Maguk world

Balancing its scales

Mariner's compasses

And metronomes

Fell ticking inside within

Light as feather weight Consciences!



Soon along the way

Walking along the strange land though upside down

To reach the topsy-turvy House Of Cards

That ambient sky down below displayed

The panoply of stars

Thence Princess Alice with little Dinah

Astounded by its grandeur

In her many bold adventures

Came upon a

Stairway of Pink Rabbit's pink chateau

A quaint sized dolls house by shore side

His pink dolls chateau and the shore!

Upside down like a glass withheld

Once more the story here enlightens

The salty brine and waves

Along with shore side rocks

All on top

Defying gravity

Never fell down at all

Whilst sky deep down below

As if it fell into a deep ravine instead

That one viewed inside a bell bottom glass

Below such a Maguk well

So magical and marvellous

Sights and sounds it beheld

As one viewed tother end by a telescope

The sky now resting down below

It's strange spiral stairway

Leading to bountiful immeasurable depths

Strange constellations

Of a secret hidden starry garden deep deep under

Further beyond!

Its magic coup


At first Princess Alice thought to herself

Would be the house of the Antipathies

Or Sympathaties

You know…. those tiny

Attaché case shore houses she had seen before

She landed down the Maguk well

Right in the beginning of the story

But the well lit up pink placard

Read 'Pink rabbit's pink chateau' 

Much relieved Princess Alice

And her Lil' cat Dinah

Started climbing up tiny little pink stairs

Leading inside the pink house

With a pink chimney

For she and little Dinah

 Had drank from a pink bottle

Of delicious pink syrup flavoured

Cherry, custard apple, mint, figs, strawberries

And apple tarts!

Named "DRINK ME"

That appeared magically

On a glass tripod table

Poof! Suddenly just outside Pink rabbit's pink chateau

Turning they smaller instead of taller

So small she could 

Even drink lemonade from little pink bunny's tiny pink cup

Eat pink carrots so small like pink jujubes

Teeny-weeny blue radishes, purple turnips, 

Green magic mushrooms

 Like purple blue green jelly beans and marshmallows

From his tiny pink saucers

Growing here and there in bunches like pretty sea anemones

Even play on tiny pink rocking horses and pink rocking chairs

Whilst tiny pink tables and cupboards

Lay tiny pink saucers full of creamy delicious milk

For little Dinah too

Even dusty pink sofas and lounges

Filled with sand everywhere

Settled spectators like crabs, lobsters, prawns and crayfishes

Like three odd fishes odd ones out

 Stood out two African greys with bright red tails

Like two peas in a pot or pod

A couple that made a splendid pair 

Mr. Roxy and Mrs. Smokey 

Was written on their silver name plates

Under their collars and 

One wise old owlet too stood upon a pink wooden shelf

Upon seeing her

The creatures started strangely calling out

"Mary Ann Mary Ann
 Do attend to us now!"

Princess Alice now behaving like Pink Rabbits maid Mary Ann

Started dusting and cleaning obediently

All the quaint artefacts in the room

For they all did seem so very curious and interesting

Even a real pink cuckoo clock

Only without time

Their pink cuckoos didn't really tell time

Just they'd say whilst dusting

Sand off their white collars

"That's not the Mary way"

Instead of merry

For they thought she was indeed

Mary Ann the house maid

"Mary Ann Mary Ann"

Coaxed and ordered they Princess Alice

To fix up the place

As if they were having

Whale of a Mary Time!

Busily indulged they in making household chores requests

"How queer it's getting"

Said Princess Alice to herself

"At this rate I shan't get 20 inches"

For she only measured a foot ruler

The beautiful Pink Rabbits pink chateau

Had its pink roof about 40 inches high

12 inches in height just made her seem 

Insignificant as a porcelain doll

One that sits by a pink window of a pink showroom

All by herself…. a windy, rainy day

With a cuddly pink teddy bear

"Now Now we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover"

She scrutinized looking at herself in the mirror

Princess Alice looked like an old dusty book on a shelf

Gathering dust a few of them appeared magically

All pink

She opened the precious pink book precociously

As if she were already finished 20 

Though Mary Ann was hardly 15

"Do they really think I am Mary Ann?"

She asked the strange mirrored pink bookcase shelf

Even the seated spectators 

On pink sofas and lounges and wooded pink cabinets

 Whilst lifting

Them up

Started to call out her name

Feeling they very excited 

To have someone so pretty and homely dust beneath 

Their old shells, tails and talons

Calling out they

Like owners commanding a matron

Of Pink Rabbits Pink Chateau

Imitating voices they'd heard sometime long before

In a crotchety, crabbity way

"Mary Hurry Mary Hurry

Hurry Mary Mary

Marry me Marry me thou O' Mary

Mary Mary

Wouldst thou please stand by me?

O' Mary Mary"

They all cried 

Pleased as if they offered 'Minchah Bird Vows'

(Meaning gift in Hebrew bestowing a sacred gift of wedding vow

In a figurative manner of speech)

 Mr. Roxy and Mrs. Smokey

The two African greys added

"Mary Mary we fear we love you too dear!"

"I Alice….." then correcting herself Princess Alice said

"I Mary Ann thank you Mr. Roxy Mrs. Smokey very very much!"

And to the hermit statuettes 

"Look at the sand

It just doesn't seem to come off you hermits 

So do your implores and beseeches!"

Chiding yes but more mildly than they'd expected

She said

"But I fear I shan't be able to marry thee!"

Much taken up with the two precious darlings 

African grey and his wife

Along with her hermit statuette admirers

Cleaned their tentacles and claws delicately though they never

Snapped back or bit her as well thoroughly

Cleaned and dusted their dusty silver name plates very well

Thanking her back they squawked, screeched and scraped

Rapping as well rasping sounds

"Thank you! Thank you Dear Mary Mary"

The hermit statuettes crabs, lobsters, prawns and crayfishes

Just took considerable amount of time

 To stand and stare leisurely

A sweet life without any care at dear old Mary Ann 

Princess Alice their obliging maid
 Whilst the old sweet owlet

A real pick ninny Kookaburra

With a wooden expression on his funny sordid face

Minding his own solemn business

Called out a series of

"Twhu Whit Twhu Whoot's"

"Hurry up Hurry up

Mary wouldst you hurry please!"

Ordering and coaxing her about

As if a hurricane was brewing up

And dusting beneath their strange hooks, beaks

Tails, talons and propellers

She dusted sand everywhere

Till it all settled on her blue dress and apron

"O' dear how dirty I am!"

Princess Alice exclaimed to herself

Trying to get the sand and mud off her white apron, eyes and hair

And little Dinah's ears and coats

"But I enjoyed playing maid of Pink house


She laughed at the playful bantering

Amongst hermits and birds

And prided much efforts she took

To make disorderly house neat and tidy again

Keeping back the seated spectators on the pink sofas, lounges

Shelves and cabinets


Crabs, lobsters, prawns and crayfishes

Even three odd fishes odd ones out

African greys

 Mr. Roxy, Mrs. Smokey 

The wise old sweetened owlet too

Like an old Kakapo Doubting Thomas

A flightless nocturnal owl parrot

All he said again……

"Twhu Whit Twhu Whoots"

As if he cared not the least teeny bit of a whiting 

Two hoots nonetheless

Singing he superfluously to himself

An Elvis Presley song;

"Twhu Whit Twhu Whoots

I don't have a wooden heart 

Please don't break my heart in two"

He'd heard it on a pink gramophone record player

Of Pink Rabbits Pink Chateau playing often


Can't you see I love you?
Please, don't break my heart in two
That's not hard to do
 'Cause I don't have a wooden heart

And if you say goodbye
Then I know that I would cry
Maybe I would die
 'Cause I don't have a wooden heart

There's no strings upon this love of mine
 It was always you from the start

Treat me nice, treat me good
Treat me like you really should
'Cause I'm not made of wood
 And I don't have a wooden heart

There's no strings upon this love of mine
 It was always you from the start

'Cause I don't have a wooden heart


Quiet indignantly 

Incessantly reciting verses of song

 Stood he

Like a key wind-up toy works flawlessly

Blinking one and tother big eye

Going round and round in circles

Not caring a least trifle of a bit of course

A bitter pill for all fools

All birds and creatures standing stiffly

On pink cabinets, shelves, pink sofas and lounges

 Loved Princess Alice dearly to death

Recited they a poem for fair Princess Alice

"Fair Princess Alice

Very sweet just like birdies num-num

Sunflower seeds, a bait of fish worms

Insects like moths and beetles

Hence we love picking on her

Harp strings selecting each one

A happy merry note, key or chord 

As Princess Alice sweet

Our birdie num-num or

Bait of fish worms"

"They do love me O' dear but Oh

What a funny way of showing it!

Their love for me as if I were

Bird seed num-nums or a fish food trophy"

Princess Alice thought to herself

Now singing they

"Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!"

To themselves

Expected they Princess Alice

To cut a large slice from an oat meal Banana cake

Kept on one of pink tables

With Oh! So many pink candles

Looked more like a decoration of pink flames

Upon pink oat cake that appeared in a magic puff

From out of nowhere

Princess Alice cutting a piece neatly and with precision

A chunky wedge of pink oat meal banana cake

As if she was a Doctor or a Surgeon

Without dropping she a single pink crumb

Fed from the portion each one of her ogling spectators

At last eating into a large piece of pink oat meal banana cake

Offered a piece to Lil' cat Dinah

Commenting to herself quite philosophically

"Oh! Such healthy option bran instead of flour

A Pink oat meal banana cake

As one often says

Reap what you sow

Sow what you reap

Just like if one sows wild oats

And reaps what he perceives

Must not expect to reap strawberries

 On the contrary, 'those who plough iniquity 

And sow trouble reap the same' (Job 4:8)

More or less

Pink Oats, pink strawberries and E.S.P"


Then a Pink Jug appeared suddenly

For Princess Alice was beginning to feel very thirsty

Thence pouring from a pink jug

Into tiny little pink goblets

The funny creatures, Princess Alice

And Lil' cat Dinah

Sipping, lapping

Dipping beaks and mouths

Relished ginger lemon barley ale

On sandy shore side

 Pink Rabbits Chateau Party

Cried they Barley for truce

All odd and even specimen creatures

Seated upon pink sofas, lounges, cabinets

And shelves

Wished each one a Happy April Fools!

On April the First!

(For the funny date was mentioned on a strange pink calendar 

Of Pink rabbits chateau appeared circled in red)

Princess Alice with her tiny hands

Animated a lively gesture for all of her statuette admirers and hermits

A crabby heart she dished out

With her fingers

And then a small tiny one

With thumb and index

As tiny as a Hearty ginger snap pretzel!


Princess Alice quite puzzled

At their strange reactions

Stranger still when

The sea creatures began to move

Whilst birds stirred wings ready for flight

As if they planned to fly 

And return back to sea again

However like statuettes once more 

Remained statically wherever they were positioned

Seated right atop their roosts 

Placed on highest pedestals

Princess Alice

Remarked to herself

"Maybe its April first all the time over here

As if time falling along with it so many April fools

Jokesters and hoaxsters 

Meant nothing of a great deal to anybody

Down here Pink Rabbits pink Chateau!"

Said she to stone birds and sea hermit statuettes

Turning now pink clay models

Of Pink Rabbits Pink Chateau!

Even a magpie, raven, crow and pigeon

Slowly turning from black and grey to a pink hue

Who settled as onlookers of a circus pandemonium

To watch Dear Princess Alice

Give them company as well dust and swab

Waited to put forth a list of chaotic orders and commands

Poor Princess Alice had enough of them


Taking much pride in her thorough house work

Said Princess Alice to Lil' Dinah

"Bravo! Much like a House Wife I suppose

A House-Bird Homebody or House-Fly"

She popped up her collar

Pinching sides and pulling them up in self appraisal

Much like a Proud Hen or Pea-Hen! 

A chirpy house Sparrow or a church wren

 Then swatting a house-fly

Seated upon her nose…. 

'Twas beginning to get very boring

All the chores and dusting

Having nothing much to do

Finally Princess Alice and little cat Dinah

 Tasted a sugared pink door knob

That looked like a pink dough nut I suppose

Soon turned they bigger and taller

Princess Alice turned into a maidenly woman

With feminine grace

And her feline with beautiful whiskers and paws

To scratch with long talons!


Now Princess Alice's turned so big

Her hands had to fit through pink windows

And feet all curled up inside the room

Neck, knees, torso as if folded like an origami

Her head reached pink roof tops

Of Pink Bunny's doll's pink house chateau

Whilst little Dinah mewed as loudly she could

For she too was just below

Its pink hood

Like Origami butterfly's

Though upside down were they

Of an upside down pink chateau

By an upside down shore side

Hey Presto Pronto!

The pink bunny's glazed blue eyes

Turned to emerald green!

He called out to his rooks

The chameleon and lizard

'Timmy and Joey'



Busy mending pink garden patio

On a long pink ladder

Stood Chameleon Timmy

Stealing a few pink apples below its pink cucumber frames

Along the way 

Thence hammering upon it pink tiles

"Rat-a tat-a-tat"

 Pink shingles that matched pink flooring

Splendidly with pink roofed ones

One by one

Whilst below stood beautiful pink chairs

Pink tables decorated with stunning

Treats for the evening or morning

One never knew over here the time

Contrary wise a wise saying

'Doth Time Travels faster than lightening

Light travels faster than sound

Time and tide waits for no man'

Here times stood surprisingly still

Strangely Maguk treats

Pink croissants, pink muffins, pink Shrewsbury biscuits

Pink cheesecakes, pink gateau's, pink jellies, pink soufflés

Pink ice creams and pink stones in a pink bowl!

Appeared on its pink table

Decorated with pink runner

And tiny pink table mats

Pink forks, spoons and knives

At the side was a pink nursery

A glass house of beautiful pink flowers

Then Chameleon Timmy standing upon the tall pink ladder

 Grimaced very much to the lizard Joey


"Hey Mate Joey I say

Mending does take its time and course"

As if one measured hard work here

Only with passing pleasure

Spending time holding pink spades, shovels in hands

Leisurely away!

The Lizard Joey rumbling his pink cartwheel

Filled with pink shingles, pink spatula

Pink hammer and pink cement

 Looking well above pink patio

A funny pink clock

Showing no numbers at all agreed

Saying "Tut tut tut! Timmy tut tut!" shaking vigorously

His head like a King Tut Tut

Upon seeing 

Hands of the pink clock though

Now rested both at twelve

So maybe it might have been somewhere

Afternoon or midnight

 Timmy the Chameleon now bent down clambering 

Another rung of the tall pink ladder

Who now changing his vibrant colours

Almost touching another pink strawberry tree

He changed Pink again

For previously was blue the sky's hue down below

Magukcally upside down a pink ladder where he stood

He remarked to mate Joey the Lizard

"At strike of twelve

A funny glass slipper always appears here

On a magic pink cushion

Of a magic tripod glass table

Mey Mate Tim

Am I correctly correct though?

As always as you are I suppose!

With Times one's always sure"

Once again Joey the Lizard 

"Tut Tut Tut Tut"

He replied

Shaking his head vigorously

Perfectly cocksure

Again like a King Tut Tut

He winked at his friend Timmy the Chameleon!


The pink rabbit directing with his little pink finger 

To Princess Alice flailing her hands

From inside pink windows his Pink Chateau

Directed them

To throw some pink pebbles

Kept in a pink bowl of the funny pink table of pink garden patio

Into the pink story book Chateau

That turned to pink gingerbread cookies

That Princess Alice and little Dinah!

Soon golluped

After eating one delicious cookie

Suddenly Princess Alice and little Dinah her cat realised

They had grown much like fat green caterpillars

After eating and munching on the leaves

Of a mulberry tree

Princess Alice broke her conspicuous coat of green

Like buttons undid the tailored suit 

With six shoes on her nimble feet scattered far and wide

Chrysalis turned her into a beautiful Cardinal butterfly

She had reached the pulpit of the 

House of Cards

Lil' Dinah her cat soon followed

With flutter of pinky inky blue wings and bat of lashes

 A cat Papillon with 

Little cats ears on a pink story book! 



There Knaves, kings, queen, jesters, clowns

And fools

Paraded their placards upside down

Made with paper and etched in pen

Their funny hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades

The poker faced king and queen

All doodled upon their deck of cards

A castle of 52 placards

Climbed one atop another

Like a hierarchy ladder forming

A formidable game of "Snakes and Ladders"

Many serpents climbed with feet and slithery tails

 Upon its towering fortress

To play with paper Jacks and Jill's

Hearts, knaves, jesters, clowns

Kings, queens as well jokers and aces

With silly creatures who could walk

Upwards or downwards

There was no death defying gravity y'see

In this strange topsy-turvy world

Only imagination, picturesque scenery, illustrations

With conversations in flying balloons grew above and below it


The knave of clubs being the strongest

Threw up two large black and white dice on the floor

Thusly the creatures and the Paper Jack and Jill's

Started climbing up ladders quickly

Counting their steps wisely and well

Much sighs and disappointing O's 


Doodle dogs wagging tails

Barked and howled

'Ooooowww' ooooowww' 

'Ows' 'Ouches'

 When serpent with feet and tail

Hissed sending them with a sting

(Though not a very poisonous one

Just sent them reeling as the snail

Recoiled like a Jack-in-the-box)

Flying, fluttering, crawling downstairs

The ladders

Luckily a crab with pliers and pincers so many

Who always managed to keep off others on his ladder

Had reached to number 100

Finally succeeded he topmost square of 'Snakes and Ladders'

Thence many others playing again won the game

A lizard, joker, an ace, Red Queen, Carnation

And plenty others

Whoever won a trophy at the end

Bitten by a hiss and sting of a serpent

Presented it to Cardinal Alice fairy

And her pet Papillon Lil' cat Dinah!

Good Alice fairy

Distributed the gifts so many

Silver spoon, silver forks

Silver tea kettles and silver trays

And comfits (Luckily salt water had not got into it

There was exactly one piece all round)

To all rest in Maguk well valley

"Wasn't it so nice of her?"

Said the Dodo to the Lory

In turn the Lory said to the Walrus

And snail to the Frog

Whilst croaked a frog to a whiting

"Ripet Ripet Princess Alice Cardinal Fairy

Surely is our shining diamond!

We all have a silver spoon

Silver bowl, silver tea kettle

Let's have a tea party soon

On a silver tea tray"

A cock agreed clucking and cocking


His head cock sure indeed!

So many of the participants

Got one silver spoon or trophy

As if by magic

All for her generous heart!

They cheated as they passed it on

Like a game of 'Passing the parcels'….(Princess Alice Fairy smiles at Dinah

Giving her silver thimble to a lucky one 

Crab with pincers so many! The same little crab who won the first time

Won three times in a row

 Princess Alice Fairy gifted the crabby monsignor the same little silver thimble

Attaché case house she picked from the shore side of Maguk well valley)

A pell-mell of vibrant confusion 

And commotion roused they

Stirring amongst themselves

Admiration for Princess Alice Cardinal Fairy

And Lil' cat Papillon Dinah

"Hip Hip Hooray

Three cheers 

For our dear Cardinal Fairy

Princess Alice and her cat Papillon Lil' Dinah"


A seven faceted vanity mirror

Soon appeared before them

Upon which such parodies paraded

In a funny array

Long, short, tall, fat, oblong, horizontal

Vertical like tall spiralling giants and ogres

Those you see in a circus 'Hall of Mirrors'

Kings of hearts

Knaves of fools

Queens of tarts

Clubs and spades of

Diamonds and rubies

Jokers and knights in

Shining silvery armours jubilantly marched past

Harlequins and clowns looking

Like red hot pokers blossomed into flowers

Jesters, fools in funny caps and bells bowed and curtseyed

Even the fire brigade engine

Rumbling through its lanes

Were nonetheless

Swarms of dragon flies with shiny hubcaps

Like shiny knights in silver armours

Racing their sirens of ambulances and police cars

Buzzing up and down with wings


To douse torching flames

Of supreme King Sun's fiery rays

So hot everyone sneezed

Right pistils off flower heads




"Peppa O' Peppa and Pollen dust

OOooh soooo sooo very very much

 Instead of molten lava

Attichoe….Achoo…. sneeze…. Attichoe!"

Said baby Pig to Peppa the scullion maid

Sneezing again and again

Whilst busy adding a pot of pepper to a bubbling stew she prepared

Again and again

Till the whole room was filled with pepper and pollen dust

Stirring the corrie pot in vain

Steam and hot pepper

Sneezing all rest in the Duchess Kitchen

Duchess, Peppa the scullion maid

And poor baby Pig Pepper

Peppa then tossing her head over shoulders

Thusly threw all cutlery and crockery in vain

Getting irritable with the wailing and commotion

Even baby Pig Poor Pepper 

Like a play toy wok

Swung maid Peppa! Over heads

Poor Princess Cardinal Alice

Had to catch poor pig pepper just in time!

In kitchen of Duchess

Where everyone and everything went haywire

Like hot smouldering picket wires!

Turned they mad and ready to vent hot irons of "IRE"

Princess Alice Fairy carried little baby Pig Pepper

In her arms tenderly

Before the maid turned into 'madder' or a maddie plant

However Duchess complained

"The sun's too hot and tardy

 I'd better wear my sun hat

Whilst I travel my jitney

Before I get a sun-stroke

Lavender and purple shall I turn 

Now soon or wilt I wilt away and die

I need to play a game of Croquet

I have been cordially invited

King of Tarts and Queen of Hearts

Lest they complain

I'm too late for mallet and ball show

 I've struck hot a date on calendar 

Dear Duke Calendula

Shall we together attend jolly good party?

To play

A game of Croquet with

 King and Queen

In a castle of 52 placards"

(Ironically stood for Royal House of Cards with trimmed lawn like a chess game with 16 participants 8 pawns, 2 Bishops, 2 knights, 2 rooks, one queen and one king of a chess board, grass was mowed and coloured black and white, Flamingos were bats, mallets were jesters on cards and hedgehogs balls)

The Duchess was in fact an orchid deep Velvet Purple Iris

A daily routine she followed with Duke Calendula




Duke Calendula escorting Duchess Deep Velvet Purple Iris

'Arrum in Arrum'

Set out twain heads over heels fully blooming in love

Gracefully raising their splendiferous gowns, robes

Petals and stalks

Entered into a large Cinderella Pumpkin shell carriage

Along with Princess Alice Cardinal Fairy

Clutching O' so dearly

Little Baby Pig Pepper in her arms

Just like her own little apple of her eye

Those instead of stars

Tenderly stroking him and singing a poetry stanza

Whilst Lil' Dinah her Papillon Fairy cat

Mewed and purred much deliciousness

To the tale of curlies!

Bringing her tail comfortably

Right up to her ears

Settling her wings neatly side by side 'twain together prinked up

Inside a cosy corner of Cinderella Pumpkin carriage




"The Baby Pig Pepper

His tail is curly twirly though

His eyes so sweet soft and tender

Like a pot of peppa

He wheezes and billows

Right from the bottom pits

Like a Bellowing furnace spit

Hell on coal bits

Makes you sneeze of course

'Attic hoes Attic hoes'

Pepper Please!

More and More

His curly twirly tail

And tender eyes

All sizzling glowing Ruby red hot

Smouldering embers inside he

In a black corrie cauldron


With spices, lemon and honey

Mixed with Pepper too

Pods so black and spotty

Like on salami, ham, bacon

On a buttered toast!

Down his curly twirly tail

In swirls and waves

Savages and saints

Of History 

"Swine's and Priceless Pearls"

In a Corrie Pot


Most of us do we know

Of Prickles

Mostly a hedgehog


Super deliciously served

Or a delightful


With many arrows, pins and needles


What dish he chooses

Would last till it pleases

A salty peppered ox tongue

With parsley rich creamy sauce

Or lovely tripe like a shepherd trowel

That shovels and buries bones and hatchets

All laid scrumptiously

On a buffet table

Once a master cuts a slice

With a carving knife Pork 

On a plate with a Fork

Whilst me would forget all those lustful delights

Only admire with my rosy eye

Poor baby Pig Pepper

To taste buds galore

Connoisseurs or critiques

Hammering busy heads into dishes for Kings and Queens

Who could not notice?

A Roast Suckling

Still his tail

In twirls, swirls and curls

He furnishes a faint smile

With a salty teardrop

Streaming, glowing and stirring

Like a tear kisses flag on a spire up above a pole

Waving a curly, twirly, swirly tail

Along with it a tail of sausages to go 

Now dripping dripping dripping…..

Salivating glands

A whole bucket or so

Of pearls and salty tear drops you know

Beneath his rosy cheeks

Down below the glossy sky tinged rouge

With salty tears and red hot pepper pollen dust

MAGUKALLY 'tseemed so

Particularly like magical 

Mary Poppin's upside down umbrella flower

Steadfastly through sunshine, rain or winter

As she flew quite reversed

She too

Prim precisely

'A Lady Dandyllion Puff!'

Upon her parachutes spurts of fluffs she releases

Was served

Ringing her timely untimely Dinner Bell Gong

Superfragilistic Expiallidocious


Oh' now wasn't it 


Proving though

Tough as rising dough or leather

Earning those lucky golden curly tail

'Guinea dimes' called guinea pigs

Angels too could measure up to Devil's

In a sprinkle of salt Peter halos

Or with horns hammered

Skewered and grilled with prongs in a skillet

Chiselled with carving knives

Pink pork, ham, salami, bacon and ox


Picked up easily and served with pliable tongs

A dish goluptiously to slide within

A tunnel as easily as a twisty slide

Called 'Gullible Gullet'

Or 'Gulliver's Travels'

Like a tumbling wheel

Of a Turnpike

In upside down Maguk world!

Of a Curly Curly Tale"


All clapped for fair Princess Alice Cardinal fairy

Even dear Lil' Papillon cat Dinah!

Furthermore flourished with a furnish

A flare of her witty talent

Like an incorrigible rebel of a practical joker

Upon her tall leafed reed of a stem

An orchid deep Velvet Purple Iris

Looking down below the Earth

With derision

Through which Princess Alice 

With Lil' cat Dinah

Had jumped into Maguk well

She went on to further explain

A few moral principles and

A few lessons of geography

"Tut, Tut, child!

Everything here's got a moral

If only you can find it

Just like pepper makes people hot tempered

Chillies abnormally mad

Vinegar makes them sour

Camomile makes them bitter

Barley sugar and such things like that

Make children sweet

Here on rocky gravel

Just like salty sauce pans

Even sugar crystals grow

Side by them y'know I think

Our land wouldn't be stingy y'see

To turn everybody sweet not cloyingly sour, brown or embittered 

Down muddy terrain of Maguk well"


"You see

As birds flock together

Like cranes and flamingos

So does a dose of mustards, canes and weathers" 

Said she to Princess Alice Cardinal Fairy

And her little cat Papillon Dinah

Princess Alice Fairy did not know whatever

She could mean by that

So she asked Duchess Deep Velvet Purple Iris 

"What do you mean?"

The duchess replied

"The trickling of rain like mustard drops

Or Crystals of salt

 God hath indeed said to work by thy sweat of thine own salty brow

To Adam and Eve

As well as to Cane

Shalt thou not kill thy brother Abel

Just like sodium goes down in history

So do sugar canes

And mustard drops

And I do hope you know the parable of the mustard seed

She went on to explain about its wealth like a mineral oil 

Fountain sprung forth life

The mustard seed is the smallest seed

But grew into such a huge plant

MARK 4: 30-32 third parable of growth

In this parable Jesus teaches

That although Kingdom of God started small

With Jesus and his disciples

It would grow and spread across the world

To unlimited followers

That fell into strange Maguk well

A pivotal piece of information"

"Through calm or turbulent weathers

Like High teas in a tempest and its boats filled with fishes

Full score

Even the water into wines at the wedding

The more wine we get the better the wedding"

Duke Calendula most thoroughly added

Explaining the phrase

"As birds flock together 

Like cranes and flamingos

So does a dose with mustards, canes and weathers!"

Sweetly and humbly bowing his head low

Almost like a Sugar Cane Dandy!


Duke Calendula nodded his bulbs full of admiration 

And appreciations a yearly yes 

Holding in his hand a spurious spore-addict calendar

For he was a Doting Divine Calendula flower I suppose

By ticking off unusual dates flying right above the day's mentioned

Monday- The Angel Chrysanthemums

Those bells in church tower above tolled the first Angelus

Devotional anthems sung Angel flower fairies at intervals 

Pancake Marigolds or Shrove Shoe flowers Tuesdays

Ashputtel Wednesdays

Holy Cotton Bishop Tweed Thursdays

Good Begonia Fridays

Saturday of Light Dandelions

Sabbath Sunflowers Sundays

Put together in words and actions 

The Calendar of the many holy and pious

Along with flowers for each of the dates

His ten decades for a century

 (Equals 110 calendar years over here- he added copiously another ten

5 for his Rosarium 'Rosary of Roses'

Joyous mysteries, Sorrowful mysteries and Glorious mysteries

Fourteen Stations of the Cross!

And another ten calendar years equals 120 Live Garden decades totally) 

Flowers of his Live Garden (which you shall be introduced later in the story by catkin ears or dog flowers)

On his beautiful Calendar animated by divine paintings and drawings

He sketched and painted himself 

His Masterpiece works of art

Duke Calendula

For he was a flamboyant Artist like Vincent Van Gogh of Arles

Wearing he a devotional scapular around his neck

In a saintly way of life

Nodding to his lady love Duchess  

 Every time a "Yes Yes Yes" to affirm in

Agreement to his lady Duchess Deep Velvet Purple Iris

Reserving her as his supreme superior love flame

Orchid high on a pedestal

None could reach or touch

"Yes Bee Duchess

Yes Mee Duchess

Of course Yes my flaming Love Orchid

Deep Velvet Purple Lady Iris"

Adjusting his yellow crown proudly that matched with her purple irides


Duchess Deep Velvet Purple Iris floored

By the attention of her supportive mate The Duke Calendula

Tinctured a warm blush crimson purple on her flaming petal cheeks

(Like a tincture of iodine) thence

Continuing the rolling ball of conversation she said

"Any way everything here revolves quite the opposite

In fact Maguk well takes 42 hours and not 24 

To spin on its axis"

Laughing, tickling the funny bone of her elbow

Said she to Princess Alice Fairy and Lil' Papillon cat Dinah

"Furthermore Maguk well here rotates on its axis

Every 42 hours, 84 hours exceptionally

And everyday Maguk well makes one complete 

Rotation oppositely on its axis"

Moral of our story

"'Tis love, that makes the world go round!"

Princess Alice Cardinal Fairy too dumbstruck for words

Even Lil' Papillon Dinah caterwauled 

Confessing to Princess Alice Fairy confusedly

"Meeowww Purrrr Meeewww"

Funnily sounded a mewing backwards though

"Wwwoeem Rrrrup Wwweeemm"

Like planets in orbit down below space

Their vibrations, mussels, contractions, expansions and lucid muses

563 days for Maguk kingdom to orbit the sun

The Duchess adding another moral

"Take care of the sense and the sounds

Will take care of themselves!"

Called "A Humorous BONE" (bone of elbow of Duchess

As one viewed through her funny telescope

Some type of brawny reception)

At this 'Astoundishing' (instead of astounding) piece of information

Princess Cardinal Alice Fairy

Threw back the ravaging curls from her forehead

And thought to herself

"How the Deep Velvet Purple Iris Duchess

Keeps finding morals in things!

 Indeed Maguk well 

A type of a time machine capsule of inventions

Whilst with derision I clearly see

Through tother end of magic telescope…… EARTH

From where I fell (For you see this was a two way telescope

You could see both sides one the earth and one planet Maguk well of course)

The earth rotates on its axis

Every twenty four hours

Each day making one complete rotation tother way

Taking almost 24 hours to spin on its axis!

And 365 days for the earth to orbit the sun

How very contradictory and paradoxical

To imitate just an opposite world

Viewing I through rosy lorgnettes

Again its tother end

Another unparalleled galaxy 

An upside down Maguk well"


Long before the frog livery men had thrown

A strange rolled up invitation scroll

Just the other day after today

For even week days had no odd dates or numbers

On their strange calendars

Though were hunted out by Peppa the maid

By the crockery smashing the scullion glass window panes

As shall you soon come to know

Before they (frog cavaliers) rang the strange bell on the door

"Brinnnng Thrriinnng Drinnnng"

(For this sound could be heard at intervals whilst 

Royally rich Chevrolet carriage rumbled almost like peals of Heaven gongs)

Came flying a big saucepan almost missing their heads!

Princess Alice Fairy carried little baby pig

In her arms tenderly

As if 'twas her lost glass shoe of Cinderella's

On a red cushion

After a jolly ride in the "rollunkcious" carriage

Princess Alice Cardinal fairy

Asked Duchess Deep Velvet Purple Iris

And Duke Calendula to let her off

The Pumpkin carriage shell

Just like Cinderella's

The very next stop

Near the green shrubbery of a nearby Forest glen

Duchess Deep Velvet Purple Iris

Growing fonder of Dear Cardinal Fairy Princess Alice

Surprised her with one magic glass slipper

On top a pink velvet cushion

She said to dear Princess Cardinal Fairy Alice

"I am so very proud of you

So shall you have a 'Cinderella' glass shoe

For being so very tolerant and kind

You truly deserve to be our 

Queen Cardinal Fairy Alice

Hope you find the other shoe soon someday

Thither yonder blue skies

Below our toadstool valley"

Then waving sweetly goodbye along with Duke Calendula

The Chevrolet carriage rattling rolled away and tumbled far into oblivion

And out of sights and sounds

As sublimely as a crystal dew drop that vanishes

Princess Cardinal Fairy Alice

Now with the magic glass slipper

On a pink velvet cushion

And pink pig seated on a red cushion

Gently settled down pink pig upon green grass

Then Alice Fairy giving him a sweet kiss

 And a peck on each cheek

Set the poor pink curly thing free

It winked and oinked at her

"Oink Oink" affectionately

"You do look handsome, almost a Prince!"

Said she blushing pink to baby pig Pepper

For he did have pretty hazel green eyes 


Soon Princess Alice Cardinal Fairy

More curious than ever

Slipped the 'Cinderella' glass shoe

Upon her right foot

For it was a right shoe

To see if it fit her

The glass slipper fitted her like a glove

Keeping it safely inside her apron pocket

For they were so large

Anything could fit into them

Ice cubes, salt n' pepper shakers, candelabrums

Sea shells, coins, trinkets and treasures

She collected so many along the way

Just fell like magic pennies

Into her large apron pockets

Happily flitted Princess Alice Cardinal Fairy

Along with Lil' Papillon Dinah her cat

Scampering by their side the pink piggy with a curly tail

Amongst the green grass meadows!






Baby Pig and Princess Alice Cardinal Fairy with Lil' Dinah cat Papillon

Running thither and fluttering wings helter-skelter for shelter amongst green shrubbery of forest glens and valleys

To taste sweet freedom from a pepper scullion pantry

Princess Alice Fairy got lost in the long sheaves of corn field

When a dog

Wagging her two tails simultaneously

Pure pedigree Cocker spaniel 

Appeared sniffing her

Almost a friendly gesture

Princess Alice Fairy and Lil' Dinah Papillon cat

Were thoroughly taken aback

Hoping the purebred Cocker Spaniel

With ears dangling like carpet flip flops

Wearing a beautiful pink bow for her scruffy

Hair just like you see picture of Mona Lisa

Would not pounce generously upon the two poor dear things

Princess Alice Cardinal Fairy guessed she would be

'A she'

She even wore a name plate

Carved in gold

With the name 'Snuggles'

Written upon it

"I wonder who she belongs to"

Princess Alice Fairy asking Lil' Dinah her cat Papillon fairy

It just brought oodles of ripples

And buzzing noises

"Grrrr Brrrr Grrrr Brrr Whrrr"

As her snarls and gnarls were saying

"Grin and Bear Grin and Bear"

Into the atmosphere

Around the air surrounding the dog

As if she were an Extra terrestrial from

Some planet 

Finally Princess Alice Fairy decided a name for the planet

Maybe Planet "Scruffmadellionpoundpuffs"

She made it up herself

Because 'Snuggles' emitted puffs

Circles of smoke as she panted fetching the dinosaur bone

She was slightly taller than little Princess Cardinal Alice Fairy

Whilst the bone almost as big as Princess Alice Fairy

So Princess Alice Fairy did find the bone

She found

So much a Dinosaur's!


Barking playfully at Cardinal Fairy Alice

A series of 'Wurf Wurf's' and backwards 'Fruw Fruw's'

Like waves clashing and gnashing 

It's sandy Surf, turf and tide

Chased her amongst tall hedges

Up and down the pudding shaped

Hills and tussocks

Underneath tall mushrooms and toadstools

That grew upon them

To play a game of dog and bone

She threw it and 'Snuggles' fetched

A Dinosaur's bone!

As it rang strange bells again

This one was on scruff of her neck

And sounded again

"Brinnnng Thrriinnng Drinnnng"

Almost reminding Princess Alice Fairy

 Gloriously chiming

 "Church bells of heaven!"

 Princess Alice Fairy and Lil' Papillon Dinah waded in between 

Amongst tall corn rows of long sheaves

Of the corn field

Thus loosing the adorable playful Dog

Bidding her affectionately a goodbye

But as if the she dog had turned invisible

For some reason Princess Fairy Alice believed

She could even hear her panting

The Strange puff rings

Like smoky hot dough nut rings with holes

Princess Alice Fairy and Lil' Papillon Cat

Dinah flew through some of them

As it floated stiffly in the atmosphere

Below their heads

For the skies were under

The pudding shaped hills

Of corn field rows above the Maguk Vale

She said warmly

"Goodbye Snuggles

Hope one day we meet again

Hope you enjoy your delicious

Dinosaur bone I suppose if it is"


Playing together sometime with the invisible purebred

Cocker Spaniel Ghost

Till it vanished completely

Her sweet puffs of breath

From planet "Scruffmadellionpoundpuffs"

Though a faint "Brinnnng Thrriinnng Drinnnng"

From bells on the scruff of her neck

Like church bell peals from very far away still could be heard

Whilst yellow arrows so hot and cheery

Those however came from down below

For it was a topsy-turvy kingdom

In a strange dimension

Beneath strange Maguk well

Those bright arrow heads

Of the fiery Sun 

Again could never be extinguished

The volcano King and his everlasting flames

Burned ever so beautiful and brightly down below

Whilst its gorges with waterfalls up above splashed

Not a single drop fell or drowned deep down

Strange Maguk well

Down countless meters and fathomless miles

"O' Dear it's getting so very very hot"

The Pink rabbit did sigh

And removing his lacy velvet pink fan

Started to fan him vigorously

The pink rabbit's eyes from 

Emerald green

Turned to glowing ruby embers now!

Then leaving his lacy velvet pink fan

On a little glass table with three legs

The Pink rabbit disappeared

Poof! In a trice



Whilst Princess Alice Cardinal Fairy flitted with Lil' Papillon cat Dinah fairy

To fetch Pink Rabbit's lacy velvet pink fan

Where 'twas kept on top the tripod glass table

Right in the middle 

Of the forest glen

That appeared on its own magically

Fanning herself

And her little cat Dinah

As 'twas getting very hot

With his lacy velvet pink fan

Surprisingly found themselves

Growing bigger and bigger

Till they were almost as big as card Paper Kings and Queens 

And funny inhabitants of strange land

Inside Maguk well

The Pink rabbit poof!

Appeared from behind a mushroom

For a caterpillar blowing hookah bubbles

On his funny meerschaum pipe

Was his friend seated right at the top

Blowing bubbles as usual

Upon seeing Princess Alice and Lil' Dinah

Such beautiful creatures 

With beautiful wings

Said the caterpillar to them

"Enough is Enough!

Of Hogwash and Ballyhoo

Can you please little girl sing me a song?

What may your sweet names be"

Princess Alice Fairy with fine flourishes and a bow

Fluttering daintily her fleshy red wings with black spots

Introducing herself and Lil' cat Papillon 

As "Princess Alice Cardinal Fairy and Pet Papillon Dinah

The butterflies"

Curtsied and  

Sang her favourite song by Connie Francis


"Carolina moon keep shining
Shining on the one who waits for me
Carolina moon I'm pining
 Pining for the place I long to be

How I'm hoping tonight you'll go
Go to the right window
Scatter your light, say I'm alright
Please do
Tell him that I'm blue and lonely
 Dreamy Carolina moon

Keep shining on the one who waits for me

I'm pining for the place I long to be

How I'm hoping tonight you'll go
Go to the right window
Scatter your light, say I'm alright
Please do
Tell him that I'm blue and lonely
 Dreamy Carolina moon"


Cheering him up a little bit though 

Once again

The great Caterpillar complained bitterly

To Princess Alice Cardinal Fairy

"I seem to not enjoy getting fatter

Munching mulberry leaves 

By the day"

Princess Alice Fairy feeling quite sorry for him

Put her hand tenderly

On his green cloak

Made him lighten up once more

Thence eyeing her through his nosy rosy lorgnettes

Right from top to toe

Princess Alice Fairy enjoyed his welcoming approval

Whilst he blew rings of bubbles from his funny meerschaum pipe

In hypnotising circles

All around Cardinal Fairy Alice

Like Bangle puffs of different sizes and different colours

Thence bursting splattered

Great puffs of breaths

Into sprinkles of fairy dust in the air

Said the green caterpillar to Fairy Alice Cardinal Butterfly

"I guess you went through the same metamorphosis

Finally moulting to chrysalis