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Leoni Robens

Romance Fantasy Children


Leoni Robens

Romance Fantasy Children



12 mins




An ugly sea urchin mermaid

Named Guinevere

Thus defamed

Because of a strange spell

Cast upon her fair face

Now piteous as hell

Her fair rosy rouge

Turned bitter scarlet

Her lips from pink to blue

The mermaid once wore a Queen crown

Now turned she to a sea urchin mermaid

With spiky and prickly

Arrows that grew upon her 

Hunchback shell

So defamed, ugly

Untouchable and loathsome

Was she

That none of the King

Vowed to marry

For the spell cast by one

And broken by another

You'd never believe

And hence I'd tell

As a taleteller fabricates

By and by my entrancing little story


A strange bewitchment that befell upon the fair mermaiden

By the gods

A curse I suppose

For they wished to test true love and faithfulness

As sturdy as a bedrock

And wished to see

What a rock could reveal to humanity……

A test of sacrifice and glory

Before it returned her beauty again

Till then she would be one ugly urchin mermaiden

That none wished ever to see

Only one that would propose and be broken hearted

Where underneath the mysterious seas

This merman thereby a rock

Would change fate of her destiny

It all took place beneath mystifying magical Mariana Trench

Known for its traps and secret maps

And a silver Excalibur of God

That wedged in between a rock

And when the curse was broken

Would release a strange enchantment of a love triangle

Between a knight, mermaid and a future king


Sitting by prickles among

The ocean bed

She sat with sea urchins

For only they could

Recognize and truly marvel

At her ugly prickles

On her humble hunchback shell

That once her fair face 

Full of cornrow braids, curls and knots

Glorified her beauty

They sea urchins

Rapaciously, encouraging

Rapturously sang songs of her

Incorrigible optimism and gutsy demeanour

For still she unabashedly

Drew her hobby chariot

Driven by fifty five

Sea horses vigorously and with great strength

Wearing magic Horse shoes

Dipped in sun's golden flames

Thus proudly rode she the sea horses

Dipped in holy fires

Forging ahead the battering waves

Of the barbaric sea!


Though burnt her slew in tatters and rags

Yet skilfully she drew her reigns

Of her fishy chariot

Beneath a strange reef

Called magical Mariana Trench

Where clowns, clout trout's

Rainbows, parrot fishes

Tiger prawns

Oysters, herrings

Seals, otters

Whales and starfishes

All sea creatures

Both small, tall

Curvy, long

Tiny or a dot

As miniscule a pin prick

Looked with awe and wonder

The ugly sea urchin mermaiden drive 

The reckless waves upon her

Bounding sea horse chariot dipped 

In sunny flames!


One such Merman Knight

That much before

In the beginning of the story

I spake about

Faked he did not love her

But Yay! Indeed deeply was he forsook

By her sharp spines, prickles

Needles and spindles

The arrows upon her hunchback shell that grew

Sticking out from the proud sea urchin mermaid

Riding upon her bounding

Sea horse chariot

Dipped in Sun Kings flames

Well! How did the chivalrous Knight Merman look?

Was a riddle for you to guess

For in vain if I reveal it to you now

You'd never be pleased at all

All I can do is describe his brawn

And many a sinewy muscles

Strangely he grew beneath

The churning rippling waves of the ocean

That sheltered him from storms and hurricanes

Unfurling like fury

 Deep beneath the ocean currents


Underneath the fathomless ocean

Stood a mystical and beautiful castle

Made of limestone, calcite and magnetite

It's fortress as strong

As a thousand hundred tidal waves

One could n'ver destroy till all the world died

Now if you wish to guess the strange Merman Knight

In my story

Well! He was half human and half fish tailed

Merman Knight 

Made fully of rock and granite

Serving Mer-King Arthur

And his round table full with glory

He buffeted with all his superior strength

His granite body and boulder shoulders

The waves of fury 

That clashed Mer-King Arthur's mighty fortress castle

As mighty as an unbreakable granite

With his rock mace and bludgeon

When at battle he served with all furores

And shielded Mer-King Arthur's fortress from all misfortunes

Was indeed a hearty rock come alive

Valorous a Knight rock Merman

To be Mer-King Arthur's right hand!

 Sir Lancelot

Alas! To fall for a strange Mer-Queen

Whose heart wasn't prepared

To fall in love and thus

Shape her rock of destiny

A strange fate that was sealed

 In fact that

Led dear Sir Lancelot to be 

A rock Merman Knave whose

Life at peril be in vain!

 Threatened by a magical sword

Wedged between a rock heart

All for glorifying Mer-Kings Arthur's 

Coronet upon his crowning tresses

And a beautiful love triangle!


The Mer-King Arthur's right hand

Rock merman Knave Sir Lancelot

Resolved stoutly to marry the untouchable ugly urchin

 Mermaid of the sea named Guinevere

Riding the fathomless reef

Bounding by in her infamous sea horse chariot

Driven by fifty five horses

Wearing magical horse shoes and dipped

In sunny flames

Golden as her long golden hair

Now full in knots, curls and cornrow braids

Thus tainted was her beauty

After an unfortunate enchantment

A curse upon her befell

That transformed her beauty

Into a rare ugly sea urchin

With spines, prickles

Needles and spindles

Around her hunchback carapace shell

"My poor ugly sea urchin mermaid!"

Cried wretched Sir Knave Lancelot

Rock Merman forsook in love in vain!

Hopelessly fallen head over tails! And tails over head!

In love with the ugly sea urchin mermaid

Of the magical Mariana Trench!


Yet the ugly sea urchin mermaid

Kept her head proudly

High above the waves

That rocked the strange hobby

Driven chariot of fifty five sea horses

With magic horse shoes dipped in golden sun flames

Like a boat its chariot sailed

A tempest in a tea cup

She rode above the jagged rocks

Against profusely battering waves

That Sir Knave Lancelot

The rock Merman 

Firmly held

As he buffeted the shore

Against his sinewy body of granite

And buffered her icy chariot

So she drove without any qualms

With salty thongs and shards

Along hems of salty brine and sea droplets

 Of the shores peacefully

Her icy whip or thongs

Were Bladder wracks

Chains of rock wrack weeds

Thin and long

With rubbery pods and plastic cords

Deep beneath the chasm of the sea

She manoeuvred well above

As well quickly below the deceiving and beguiling

Magical Mariana Trench!

Guinevere along with the rock Knave Merman of Mer-King Arthur

Named Sir Lancelot

A brief affair commenced between the two

For Sir Lancelot the rock Merman

Vouched to give his brave heart of granite

Only to the ugly sea urchin mermaid

Riding her golden chariot

Of fifty five sea horses

With strange horse shoes

Bounding by

Dipped in golden sun flames


Then one fine day

Gathering raw courage, heart of granite and 

Rock muscles

He threw himself on his bedrock tails

He prayed, he supplicated

And beseeched she marry a rock of granite Merman Knight

Alas! She answered still that she was too ugly to marry him

Though persuading, he cried to her till the very end

Urging the ugly sea urchin mermaid 

 To marry him again and again

Without any reservations or hesitations

Not sparing an inch

Or budging an iota

His bedrock tails firmly swished

The rock gravel beneath the oceans floor

Till she reciprocated with sublime devotion

To accept his rocky request

Though whether his request would be accepted

 By sea urchin Mermaiden Guinevere

'Twas yet to be seen

For her approval seemed as rocky as the ocean floor

 Sir Lancelot the Knight Rock Merman

Still put forth humbly his bargain or plea

To thus accept him firm as a rock could be!


From Rocky Mountains of sea

Whence he came from thence

Beneath the magical Mariana Trench

As he supplicated again and beseeched

"I'll shelter you in my glistening cave bosoms

And give you my Rocky sinewy muscles

Arms as well buffered heart

A boulder shoulder to cry upon

And a heart as faithful as a immovable rock

Please accept me fair maiden

Shall we live together forever 

An ugly sea urchin mermaid

And a chivalrous rock Merman

Deep beneath tumultuous waves

As husband and wife"


But all that Guinevere replied in vain;

"Pray trouble me no more

Precious Sir Knight Lancelot

My broken Merman rock

For I shan't marry anyone

Till my fair face returns

Rich kiss curls of gold, cornbraids and knots

Glisten upon my forehead

My high cheek bones 

Turn truer than an ugly scar reef

For a face now devoid of colour

Thus returns 

Blush of red rouge 

And lips colour of pink anemones

From black and purple

No more arrows piercing

My curved hunchback shell

So flee from me O' broken

Knight Sir Lancelot the rock merman

For I fear I am yet not ready

To hand over my heart to anyone

As much as a sea maggot or flea

Flee from me 

Dear Knave Sir Lancelot rock Merman

And let me be free"


For yet her answer was No!

Thus broke Knave Sir Lancelot

Rocky Merman's heart in vain to two

And turned him dead once again

A forsaken rock he soon became

Into a granite hard and embittered of the sea

And cursed he be by the Higher Order with a sword

A Supreme Power thus extolled

'A gleaming Excalibur shall plunge inside

Piercing right through his granite heart

If ever he be alive again

A Mer-King would have to remove

It from his stony chest

The rocky ribcage that supported his granite heart

Deep within a magic Excalibur 

Wedged in between his stony chest and ribcage'


Thusly withheld a strange secret in 'twain 

"Rocky heart and hearty sword"

The stony heart that the Excalibur plunged into 

Deep inside it's rocky chest cavity

Revealed thence

To the stunning rock and fishy humanity

"Anyone that conquered such an arduous feat

Such as remove a magic sword

As such a splinter or a thorn

From inside the heart of a rock Merman now dead 

Would breathe life back into it

And turn him alive a hearty rock Knave again

Whilst return beauty to a Strange forsaken Mer-Queen

That by a strange wicked enchantment

Was cursed to be an ugly sea urchin mermaid"


Deep below the churning waves

Of fury and ferocity

Unrestrained with frenzy and might

The God's hath bestowed power upon a gleaming rock

A hearty rock valiant and upright

Knave Merman Sir Lancelot

Who was once a loyal servant serving

Good Mer-King Arthur

Now a gleaming Excalibur pierced like an arrow

 Right through his stone chest 

Into his stony ribcage and his rock heart

Whence rightly be deemed

Anyone who removed the gleaming sword

From the stony heart it punctured

Would truly be a Mer-King

To wear a befitting golden crown upon his silvery head

Breaking the enchantment of the spell

On the ugly sea urchin mermaid

Of Magical Mariana Trench

As well as returning back to life

Rock heart of loyal rock Merman Knight Sir Lancelot 

Of Mer-King Arthur 


All swore by the glistening Excalibur 

Rest of the Mer-King's from surrounding reefs

To extricate the shining Excalibur

From the gallant rock Sir Lancelot's stone chest

Though all Mer-King's tried very hard to retrieve

The shining Excalibur

From dead Merman's sturdy rock chest

Failed all in vain!


Only one Mer-King knew for certain

The strange secret contained in the immovable rock

 The silver Excalibur pierced into 

That only a Good Mer-King

Possessing a heart of gold

Would accomplish such a rare impossible feat

Who was master of the silent deceased rock Merman…..

Dear Mer-King Arthur

At his round table of Knights all discussed

"A sword shall it free from a rock

And Rock heart from a sword shall it release!"

All took place in a cove

Beneath the reef

Called magical Mariana Trench


The Mer-King Arthur

Valiant and proud 

For he knew the mystifying secret

Withheld by his monstrous

Though faithful rock servant

That Knave Sir Lancelot the rock Merman

Had whispered one jubilant day

In Mer-King Arthur's ear

Before he died and changed to solid rock by a supreme power……

"Only if young, stripling Mer-King Arthur removed

 Excalibur wedged deep within his rocky heart and rocky chest

Wouldst return alive hale, hearty and whole once again

To serve him a faithful sturdy knight

Rock Merman Knave Sir Lancelot" 

Thence Mer-King Arthur whispering again into the ear

Of his broken rock Merman

He murmured to his faithful deceased Knave

Sir Lancelot the Merman rock

Such that even dead come alive

And he thus obey

The command made by the righteous Mer-King

Inside the broken ear 

Of his broken rock Merman Knave

"I shall remove the arrow

From thy heart

The sword that plunges inside your stony ribcage

As you once protected me

Thy own Mer-King

The Valiant Arthur

My fair Knave Rock Merman Sir Lancelot

Shall I thus save you from your fate

And turn you back into

My monstrous faithful

Servant Knight Merman Rock Sir Lancelot

Breaking the spell from this strange enchantment

Thence rewarding  

A golden crown for my silver head befittingly

And breathing life

Into your broken heart and spirits once again!

Turning alive your hearty stone soul"


Thusly drawing the silver Excalibur

With no trouble at all

As a knife from a wedge of cake

Or a thorn from flesh

A splinter from a toe

He extracted the glistening silver sword

From his stony rib cage

Protecting the arrow spell

Cursed within his broken heart

Thence like a dutiful servant

The rock Merman Knave Sir Lancelot obeyed

The granite hard and embittered

Turned pliable, flesh, bones, tails of bedrock and

Turned once again his faithful knave

Sir Lancelot the rock Merman who Mer-King Arthur trusted 

With all his heart

Thence the bewitching spell was undone Lo! Behold!

The curse broken forever!

At the same time uplifted veils

That once underneath

Hid an ugly sea urchin mermaid's face

Proudly drove once again in her stunning chariot

Now bright, beautiful 

Flawless and pretty

Without any archers arrows

Sticking on a hunchback body

Her shell disappeared

Once more was she beautiful and bold

A pretty Mer-Queen named Guinevere

Blossomed a blushing mermaid in full glory

Like an ocean sea anemone flower!


Now that the glistening sword 

Was wedged no more deep inside the rock knave

Sir Lancelot's the rock Merman's heart

He proceeded to serve the Mer-King happily and loyally as before

Whilst young, stripling Mer-King Arthur taken up by the

Beauty of the fair mermaid Queen

Riding her sea horse chariot

Driven by fifty five horses

Dipped in suns golden flames

Pledged to marry her and make proudly Guinevere

 Mer-Queen of his towering castle

That Knave Sir Lancelot the rock Merman

Protected against billowy tides with all his stony might again

Thence he whispered now into the Mer-Kings ears

The fair maiden Guinevere's precious name

For he believed with all his stony heart

'Twas fair that the righteous Mer-King Arthur

 Win Guinevere's the mermaid's fair hand

One good turn deserves another!

For Mer-King Arthur had uplifted

 The wedge from his knight's stony heart

And released him from the harrowing curse

The 'Arrow spell' that the Excalibur pierced 

Into mossy granite heart of his ribcage stones

A strange enchantment by the Gods

That fell unfortunately upon Knight and Guinevere

Like a Twain sided double edged sword………

Only till Excalibur would be extricated

From his stony chest

Would Knave rock merman

Sir Lancelot turn undead

Whilst Guinevere a spell would be lifted

From a damned prickly sea urchin 

Back to a beautiful princess

Which his master did courageously 

Deliver his faithful knight rock merman 

Turning him alive back again

Deep under blue blue ocean

At the same time

Returned beauty immortal to sea urchin mermaid Guinevere

From an ugly face and spiky carapace

Sea urchin mermaid!


So rock merman Knight let not the moss slip beneath his tails

Returning his gratitude like a faithful servant

Told Mer-King Arthur where she lived

Deep beneath a cove in the icy reefs below

Magical Mariana Trench

Mer-King Arthur valiant and proud as he was

Spurred his tails upon his sword fish 

Like a boat that sputtered

And with shining silver Excalibur

Sheath and armour

Drove it gallantly

Till he reached along with his Knave rock Merman Sir Lancelot

Her secret cove beneath the magical Mariana Trench


Young and handsome Mer-King Arthur 

Declared the besotted love he felt for the

Glorious Mer-Queen Guinevere

Mer-Queen Guinevere taken aback

By sunny aureole of Mer-King Arthur

She had not forgotten loyal Rock Merman who once hath

Professed his undying love for her

But now subsided the molten lava

Of his erupting volcano rocks

He was filled with admiration for mermaid Guinevere his old flame

Now handed over the rock Merman knave

Beautiful mermaid Guinevere

To handsome Mer-King Arthur


Sir Galahad was Knave Lancelot's the rock Merman's son….

Sir Lancelot had married with one merman son

Now about five and a half years old

The little button merman unveiled

The parody of the strange Merman and Mermaid's tale

Swishing his short and sweet Bedrock button Merman's tail

Their stories once above the water

On land were prodigies of history

An Ageless and charming

Love story that beheld

Strange, mystifying secrets

Of rocks, glistening scabbards, swords, stones

Sea horses, chariots, kings and queens

And a strong buttering castle

Made of limestone, calcite and magnetite

Beneath the tumultuous waves

Of the ocean's magical Mariana Trench


Thus elucidated the great saga

Of the earth's core, sea reef, volcanic molten lava

All in an amalgam

The glistening Excalibur

Upon Sir Knave Lancelot's carved stony heart

Inside his granite rib cage

And the ugly sea urchin mermaid

Now beautiful Mer-Queen Guinevere

Bounding in her endless sea horse chariot

Of fifty five sea horses

With magic horse shoes dipped in gold

Wherefore let us be grateful!

To call it 'A Sunshine story'!


Fingers crossed

Rest was history I suppose

Caterwauling like a beautiful piked cat

Chrysanthemum urchin sea flower

Once poor Guinevere was supposed to be 

Mews of a catty foxy Mermaiden

Upon her gilded ghost chair of a horse chariot

Cherished she now to be a dutiful Mer-Queen

Bold, upright and loyal

To future Mer-King Arthur

And his round table of Mer-Knights be hailed

Ruling righteously forever

Down below the rocking sea

Cutting with cutlasses and sinewy arms

The reckless waves

His right hand too

Rocky knave Sir Lancelot!


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