Mystery Of The Rain

Mystery Of The Rain

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The soil moisturizes with the help of rain,

Spreading the beautiful smell of the ground

That we stand in.

Plants get wet looking like newborns,

Collecting drops of water

Falling from the sky above us.

It's a feeling of freshness when it pours,

It's a feeling of being born again,

It's a feeling of remembering someone,

It's a feeling of falling in love again.

But how different can it be for some people?

Why don't all of us feel the same?

We fall in love just by the sight of it sometimes,

But others don't fall for the same.

It's like a different world to come by,

Difficult to understand what rain means,

But what is so different that it makes them cry?

Why doesn't it give hope to them like how we try?

How does it make you feel?

What does your heart say inside?

Is the love you share for rain enough

To bring the rainbow you miss in your lives?


Do you need to seek shelter from it to protect yourselves,

To not let it creep into

The wounds that still hurt.

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