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Mr. Someone

Mr. Someone

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Yes! For you my friend

An ode I want to write;

I am calling you my friend,

Though we have never even met,

Still I miss that 'something', 

What in a short while came to an end.

Without ever asking each other's true names,

Just with pen names,

From pen friends to

Phone friends, we became;

I understood you to be

A caring, understanding and 

Loving person to be around...

With your amazing sense of humour,

And witty jokes,

A complete package of a good friend,

In you I found.

Not only did you teach me to be loyal,

But also you made me realize

My music taste was so bad...

You were the one, who told me,

It is fun to be crazy and at times, a little mad.

I waited for your letters for days

And for your calls on every Sunday...

But more than this,

Our that 'something' could never move ahead...

As to two different paths, our destiny then led.

I will always remember you

Will always keep you close to my heart,

We will see each other someday,

That 'someday' is still in my wishes cart.

Just a stranger or an acquaintance,

To you, I might have been, 

But I think of you many times,

For a lasting impression, you left on me.

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