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Anushka Agarwal

Drama Inspirational


Anushka Agarwal

Drama Inspirational

Positivity Is The New Vitamin C

Positivity Is The New Vitamin C

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This time of crisis has awakened the fear, the scare that lies within our hearts,

The uncertainty of the next step that awaits,

The drowning despair as we get immersed in the quicksand of grief,

We see the world tremble and shatter into fragments,

And blindly consume numerous tablets of Vitamins to build our immunity.

We take all the precautions as cautiousness reflects in our eyes,

We sanitize our hands at the drop of a hat and minimize our contact with the beautiful world outside,

We ask God why is this happening, and ponder in misery,

We think and think and tense ourselves missing the past, fearing the present, and continue being uncertain about the future.

Is this how we want to live our lives?

We all know deep within that sooner or later flowers will bloom and it will all be alright,

What if we take this situation in an optimistic approach,

What if we make this misery of unending time an opportunity to develop new skills,

Engage in new hobbies and instill joy and hope in your elders, who now seem lost?

Did you know that your emotions affect your immunity?

Positivity in this time of bleak is like Vitamin C

One will strengthen your mind while the other will rejuvenate your body,

Be grateful for what you have, cherish the present and be hopeful of the future,

Count your blessings, not everyone has what you do,

Be joyful and optimistic in your life,

Your happiness hormones can do wonders that your vitamins will never do,

Be happy and spread happiness,

Take care of your loved ones,

Live this life with an optimistic stride,

Time is precious and so are you,

Live it and love it.

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