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Anushka Agarwal



Anushka Agarwal




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Raindrops were falling on the ground,

Thud…Thud, Oh! now this sound was profound.

In everyone’s heart and mind, it was,

As the rain continued without any pause.

Shhh…shhh the wind howled its way,

Ceasing never as it makes the trees rock and sway.

The cold chill shivered and crept through our feet,

And made us look forward to the incoming of the cold icy sheet.

The sun, our beloved seemed to be upset with us,

As it shows no signs to give its radiant heat and make us blush,

Pray! pray!

That’s what our elders say,

To bring some heat! Oh, some radiant heat,

And fulfil our vitamin D’s need,

Then suddenly the animals gathered all around,

And the atmosphere was filled with their profuse sounds!

The raindrops thud stopped as theirs grew,

And eyes awaited for the sky to turn blue,

But then something phenomenal was seen,

Within the clouds! Oh yes somewhere between,

A colourful curve so pretty, lively and bright,

Oh! what a picturesque sight,

What is it? Were the whispers that floated around,

Something so colourful and is just not having any bound,

‘It’s the blessing of the God,’ the elders say,

The children cried, “please make it stay.”

And then joy and glee filled them all,

As they looked at this captivating universe’s call,

“Let’s call it a rainbow,” said someone,

Oh yes, that would do,

And that’s how it got its name

Rainbow, oh! Rainbow

And through its beauty, it got its fame!

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