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Abstract Drama Inspirational



Abstract Drama Inspirational

Symbolism and Love

Symbolism and Love

2 mins 27 2 mins 27

There was this man I always used to see,

He used to sit near the road.

Holding a cross one hand, a trident,

In another, and he always wore a skull cap.

People stared at him, as they passed by,

Wondering at his religion, at the three 

Symbolism, for he had the cross, the 

trident, and wore a skull cap.

Some said he is a Mohamedian, some  said a Christian,

Others said perhaps a Hindu.

But none were sure of his religion,

So they allowed him to sit there.

To beg for alms for he was not an eyesore.

The man with the skull cap never asked  for alms, 

But sat with the cross, and the trident,

One day the man was found dead,

They collected around him, took him to Hospital,

Waited eagerly to know his religion,

The Doctor came out they asked him

 Doctor, what is Religion of the Man, they  asked,

Religion he replied in confusion what religion.

Was he a Mohammedan, a Hindu, or a Christian?

I have no idea the Doctor said, for his nether regions were neutered.

Should I send the body for cremation, or burial?

They looked at the Doctor in surprise,

The Doctor in turn looked back at the them,

Said you bought him here yet don't know his religion.

They all replied we do not know for he wore,

A skull cap, carried a cross, and a trident always.

So other alternative is to donate his body to a hospital.

They all agreed and said that is the best Way,

It Will be use full to society in all ways.

His skull cap, his cross, and his trident lay

there where he once sat.

Exposed to the vagaries of nature, some

stared at it wondering what it meant,

A symbolism of three religion in one place.

And as the days passed the cross, the 

skull cap, and the trident disappeared

From their view, their minds, and lives.

But for the brief period, he was alive,

The Man showed them the meaning of life,

 In the Co-exisistence of all religions,

He taught them a lesson in living together, 

A lesson in symbolism and love.

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