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Anirudh Dwivedi

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Anirudh Dwivedi

Abstract Drama Others

A Select Few

A Select Few

2 mins 9 2 mins 9

In a thousand goodbyes

A thousand deaths I’ve died

I've met a dozen people

But when I said good-bye

I only had a few by my side

I thought a lot about the sad repercussions

For thinking too deep, longing for deep discussions

Maintaining the shallow connections that I was making

Switching faces with switching persons…

So much like an apparition

I followed the rule of handshakes 

At times welcomed every hug that felt so warm and nice

But found the meaning only in the eyes of the one’s

To whom I conveniently lied

I faked too many cries,

Enjoyed jokes that I despised

Avoided much discomfort, 

Though I shouldn't have at times

For some, I tried hard to sync

And when I did connect,

I thought about why they wouldn't listen,

Even though, so often I did 

They left, some smiled,

But some friendships still thrived

Maybe I'm sad for the wrong reasons and they all are really fine

But what if I’m the one who turned-out right? 

What if it’s going to be them and their frivolous talks all night?

Am I really obliged to say goodbye? 

Wish I could break the ritual this time

Glad I’m not the only one here

Glad it’s not all of them that I’ll say bye to

They may stand far apart...

Probably they will only disturb me in my thoughts 

Forever living in my heart

I'm glad I met them and all the rest though

The realisation is always good 

I'll remember all, everyone I spoke to

But I’m glad I’ll smile at the thought of only a select few.

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