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Annam Mansuri


Rhythm Of Life

Rhythm Of Life

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Well how strange is this world

Where everyone hurts the other

To feel good themselves

But do they know 

What goes around comes around

So well, they're gonna be hurt by someone they love too

They're gonna be hurt too

They'll feel pity too

They'll feel helpless too

Their heart will be broken too

Then, the shattered pieces of their hearts will be fallen as tokens of who they were

And As a memory of who their life reflected.

Then once again someone appears

For that broken person

As an angel

Who will heal her broken heart 

And join each piece of the puzzle 

To bring her life together

But only if someone collected all the tokens she left behind

And once again the cycle of life starts 

From miserable Autumn

To the merry spring

But the misery teaches us how to be strong

And in the merriness, our lives are filled with blossoms and greenery and beauty

Where the world seems alluring and beautiful

And as the story comes to an end, 

A new story starts 

And it goes on and on and on

Because we're all chained to the rhythm of life.

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