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Sumant Dangi



Sumant Dangi


The Veil Of Fear

The Veil Of Fear

1 min

As I walked through the gates

I felt something quite new;

Both awkward and strange,

I was clueless about what I was meant to do

Maybe the tingling in my body,

And the butterflies in my stomach,

Were signaling the waves of change

The place where I had arrived,

The place for which I had strived

Lay before me, unknown,

But waiting to be explored

The posters came and went

But what lingered was the fear

The doubt, the possibility of judgment

Was forever here

I'm not good enough, it's too tough…

What will people think?

These thoughts overpowered my will

And became too powerful to sink

Hence, I stayed within the confines of my door

Not wanting to leave my abode of comfort anymore

Days turned into weeks

Weeks into months

But the desire to explore remained shrouded

In the Veil of Fear

Opportunities were always so near

But both my vision and my thoughts, clouded

Finally, the day came

When I decided to end

My self-imposed exile.

I realized that my choice

Could cause no more harm than good

I parted with my old domain, prepared to face

The once-feared unknown

And found me at the registration desk,

Waiting to register my name.

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