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A Promise

A Promise

2 mins 402 2 mins 402

Sitting here, I wonder

How on Earth I was lucky enough

To find a gem such as you

No words are enough

Yet I will try

No matter how tough,

I won’t deny,

I’m just another guy.

Hear me out

As I make this vow

Before the sky and stars

It’s time to let it out now

When life brings joy,

I will be there

To increase the delight three thousand-fold

Stand by watching

As the smile once slight,

Grows and fills your being with a beaming light

It is enough for me just to see you happy

Glowing with charming elation

And any woes that remain

Shall be erased

Although our paths may diverge

I will walk on with you

Although distance may separate,

I will remain close by your side

Time may pull you away,

But I will hold on

Never letting go

When the blanket of darkness settles

Covering all things bright,

I will be your light

Bringing you back out

Vanquishing your fright

When you slip and fall

I will pick you back up,

Help you stand on your feet again

And stand tall

When you hurt yourself

I will wait with open arms

And help you heal

When you feel weak

I will be your strength

Reassuring you to keep going

When you feel the world against you,

All alone,

I will stand with you

Removing any sense of doubt

When you feel stressed,

I will be your comfort

When you feel trapped,

I will break the locks

And set you free

When you are sad,

I will be your shoulder to cry on

And when you are happy,

A companion to laugh with

This and so much more

I will do without a second thought

All I ask

On this Friendship Day

Is for you to stay…

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