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The Vortex Of Torment

The Vortex Of Torment

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When the evening descends

And night takes over,

When the mask comes off

And reality hits,

I am engulfed by that vortex

Once again.

Swirling endlessly,

It eventually spits me out

Into the land of darkness

Without a single soul insight

It is here that the fears

Once hidden

Emerge from deep within

The regrets of yesterday

The worries of tomorrow

Reappear as eternal tormentors

The oppressors that formed within

Robbing my peace

Plaguing my soul

Return to torment

An already battered being

Memories resurface

To sting once again

Decisions once made

Hurt once again

Haunting my conscience

Hopes crushed

Vanished wishes

Shatter my soul again

Grinding, pounding until all that remains

Is dust.

Pain never leaves

But rather remains

Ebbing at the back of the mind

When the night ends

I am returned

To the world above

Dreading the next sinking

Terrified that the vortex

Will pull me down again

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