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Amit kumar ghosh

Drama Inspirational Others


Amit kumar ghosh

Drama Inspirational Others

Depressive Mind

Depressive Mind

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When I was child, I only demand what's I like, I always Happy.

I only looking for my father's mood, if he is in good mood, it's time to get something from my wish list.

No worry in life, only joy. 

Stress and anxiety start entering in my life when I was a student. 

My exam is my cause of worry but I don't care as I am. the best student in class.

Now I am young, ready to start my professional career

My boss is my mentor, I am learning and learning to groom myself as good Manager

Days past by, my responsibilities are my shadow, never leave me alone.

It's like running train, each compartment are passing with by throwing new challenges,

My balance sheet is my beating of heart

if my return on investment is good my heart is beating like music

But sounds like African drum if not,

life was running with sounds of sitar and African drum 

I could realise now how good was my childhood. 

Now to catch sleep sometime, no option, alcohol is my tonic to deactivate over reacting mind, 

I was earning a handsome salary

My luxury is weekend parties and my friends.

Still I am dynamic and  ambitious

enjoying great life of an executive

Now I am married and entering in a new world

it's like rain in full sunshine

What's role I should play, my job and my family.

I started  dribbling between my family and work, but no goal to score.

Mind is stretched like elastic band

Clarity is like dark black clouds of monsoon, no shine of bright sun

Bussiness pressure is sucking my blood and increasing my BP

My mood is not in my control, my nagging wife is not leaving any room to relax my mind

Stress is now stimulant for inspiration

switching mood is now like load shedding no switch to control

Holidays are for boosting energy and to rejuvenate mind and body.

My wife and me reaching to fine dining restaurant for a candlelight dinner, to settle all family issues

Boss is expecting always right decision and right investment

some time fortunate, some time not

All ingredients of life is enough to create stress and no room to discharge

Anxiety,. depression is part of daily life, never leave me alone

Don't worry be happy is now mantra for my life

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