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Hishita Lakhani

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Hishita Lakhani

Drama Others

Life in a Jiffy ...

Life in a Jiffy ...

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After a long day, when I lay in bed at night,

It was dark everywhere and nothing was in sight,

I kept thinking and asked myself “ When am I actually going to step out again?”

When all this gets over, will my life ever be the same?”

Thinking of what was the first thing I wanted to do or place I would like to go?

So many thoughts passed my mind, I wasn’t so sure .

I started making a big list of things I was eager to do,

People I wanted to meet and stuff I had kept pending before .

With these thoughts in my head I must have fallen in a deep sleep,

Only to be woken up a few hours later with a loud beep,

It was the alarm clock beeping continuously, it’s 6 30 am,

Another new opportunity,

another new day had just begun .

I rushed to get my child ready for online school,

These zoom classes and google classroom are actually quite cool,

Kids are busy and keeping themself entertained and up to date,

But all they want is to go back to school to see their teachers and friends they can’t just wait ..

The feeling of starting my day and all the household chores,

Trying to get everything done and making time for more,

She’s just a housewife is what I have always heard people say,

But now i guess everyone realises , housewives are the ones who are busy all day!!

Juggling between my kid, kitchen, and lots of differenrt tasks I realise sometimes, 

Even 24 hours in a day may not be enough at times, 

I try to remove time for Zoom video calls, insta quizzes, Netflix and more,

My beautiful day came to end and I didn’t even know !!

I look forward to another lovely day and close my eyes, 

I tell myself that life is full of its lows and highs,

I pray to god to keep everyone around me healthy and safe,

With peace in my heart, I give my thanks to his Grace.

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