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Ashbin Biju

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Ashbin Biju

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The Plucked Bud

The Plucked Bud

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How does it feel to pluck a bud before it blossoms!

Let me tell you my story wouldn't that be awesome?

Never seen the world with my eyes,

For my creator never let me rise;

My existance was balanced upon imaginary lies,

Only the walls of the womb heard my cries;

Like every other child entering into this world,

I had tucked my self and curled,

Who knew it would be my last days,

I never got a chance even to gaze

The start of my journey meant merry to many,

But the revelation of my kind,I didn't matter to any;

Had they brought me upon,could've easily stopped a flood,

But they said my palms read only tears and blood;

Crying from the moment I heard you say,

Wasn't there any other way?

My life was going to be no more,

But I hoped for a life to soar

I knew the pain you underwent,

Right from the moment you heard my torment,

You decided to raise a child,

Am I not worth to be a girl-child?

You comforted my tender soul,

"What will you do entering this land of colossus?

Why do you want to be tormented?

The pain is unbearable my dear, it's better my heart's dented!"

I don't know why you resisted,

You sat back and accepted as they insisted,

You lost the smile when you head to abort,

You could oppose as my life was going to be torn apart

Like every other girl fetus,

You all were being Brutus,

Like the million cries unheard,

I'll be dying a death untold,

Will this be the end everyone's always told

No this story is old !!

The pain I suffered, the pain's enough,

A woman's not a rod to wield,

She's the strongest shield;

The best defence,

Enough to break your sense;

She's the mightiest warrior!

She's the grace you got blessed upon

She's the greatest ruler,

She's the creator,

Yes, she's a hell of a woman,

You are the merciless moron!

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