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Iram Fatima Shaikh


Rejoicing Nature's Tranquillit

Rejoicing Nature's Tranquillit

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Oh my my! Tell me why?

My imaginations fly so high

Thinking of nature and the beauty that behold

I wander around to believe why it's so extolled

The calmness with which the water drops drop by drop

Seeping in earth and nourishing the crop

The wildness of jungle and the serenity of hill

The quietness of desert and the birds in forest shrill

The vibrant moon so calm reckoning for peace

The twinkling stars clustered the sky to fleece

The warmth of sun pleads for brotherhood

The cooing of cuckoos reminisces the childhood

Sea and ocean seemingly so still

As if conspiring to provoke the waves into thrill

The rustling of leaves and creaking of bark

The velvety grass contrasting the cactus in stark

Seeds cracking to raise a tree

Fruits yielding it back for free

What a cycle so enticingly obsessive on mind!

Message of harmony hither isn't elusive to find

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