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Mehak Batra

Abstract Drama Others


Mehak Batra

Abstract Drama Others

Lockdown Loneliness

Lockdown Loneliness

2 mins

Confined to the bars set before myself, in the misery of having no steps to put,

Looking outside right into the sun, waiting for that one day when that rainbow would come,

Like a widowed girl drooling outside the bars,

Now our mother waits for us to get ourselves out of her womb,

This lady has had the tolerance to stand all the irritations she faces all day, all the tremblements by the earth, the cyclones, and the fuzzy little faces now.

Is she not in severe pain, is the child not depressed that this evil won’t let us out?

There was once a protestation to hold hands to win, to pray for health,

But for now, it has all become a myth as we break chains to stay apart.

The world had known that we are distant because of social media, but now it is the only string keeping us together,

Everyday before this demon had approached was a joy, but now as you look to it, it’s another day wasted.

Everyday cooking meals, changing rules, failing businesses increase,

This Gothical power confronting us is defining true happiness as a shallow word of smile.

Students had dreams to fulfill, children had friends to meet,

Where did that all go?

It is like when your loved takes away their embrace,

It is like that lost feeling when you are in love with someone you can’t get,

People’s happiness is like a candle standing alone in the wind.

Nevertheless, as this race buckles up for this unlikely and unappreciated adventure,

Tears dry, mirthfulness does not have to yearn,

In this lockdown, we have stayed so patient that freedom and never-ending zeal is what we should earn

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