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Mehak Batra

Abstract Romance


Mehak Batra

Abstract Romance

A Love Parody

A Love Parody

2 mins 23 2 mins 23

This parody of heartstrings plays the metallic tunes to smother your charm on me,

It is only the magic of sight to lose all my feelings to you.

Age bars only jobs and clubs, race only matters to racists,

To fall in the joy of being together is something endless, boundless, a sonnet from Shakespeare’s tales.

There is no right or wrong, only how extreme you can go for the desire one possesses,

The one like Augustus and Hazel is a plane inspiration to never lose out to each other.

Synchronicity in steps, for lovers like me, the heart is a battlefield to die for one another.

You hold the weapon to hold American forces, you unleash the phobia of losing you every day,

 your bedazzling emerald green eyes have the potential to shift eyes from tony stark’s death,

The syllables I sew are a story, an ode which can go on and on,

My sentiments lye on your platter, the only step left is to forgive all in the past and come together.

Your tools of warmth and endearment are an entity yet to surrogate my fondness to only worse than it could get,

Every time you deny your affection to me, it is like a bullet shot down in misery.

Just see beyond the horizon, the pretty girl you always see,

I am prettier in heart, loyal to my emotions, and the intimacy you built-in those greetings every day will go with me forever to my grave.

You are a diamond in a gold mine,

You are a certain satire I want to feel.


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