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Mehak Batra

Abstract Tragedy Others


Mehak Batra

Abstract Tragedy Others

A Year like 2020

A Year like 2020

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2020 transverses itself into havoc and multitude aggravations,

Our foresight is yet to scrutinize the plausibility for this to have happened,

Cause in meager six months global warming and calamities have amplified,

COVID has created a dystopic biography for itself,

And as the earth faces dawn forecast, it is never-ending depredation.

When every year, people hold hands into wishes, fulfillment, mirth, and prosperity,

It has all died down a cliff for doomsday to appear.

After all, Thanos was not wrong, humans were supposed to meet their extinction at some point,

And 2020 has just brought that up.

Had we ever imagined for such thoughts and anxieties to appear,

This race would be ready to handle it all.

Racism was supposed to go extinct,

But brutal American officers stand firm to what they did,

Colors, lights, lavishness, and liveliness have all just met dust,

This year has been the melting pot for all unjust.

The rose bed is now all thorns and wilted petals,

Zeus, Venus, Hera, Poseidon are all helpless,

The only way is to adjust, wait, and let our future decide the rest.

Hold yourself back, pray for heal, next year it will all be inside an undisclosed chest.

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