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Mehak Batra

Abstract Drama Tragedy


Mehak Batra

Abstract Drama Tragedy

Another Inconceivable Demon

Another Inconceivable Demon

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I am a serial killer who always appears in crowds,

Dusting myself through the haze

To engulf the whole sphere,

Cause killing a thousand isn’t a benchmark to which I adhere.

My dread of massacres is agony to human nature,

I am undesirable, unrecognizable, unnamed.

I might emerge from creatures, such as bats

Like a crime scene mystery

To put end to all the happiness droughts,

Confining mankind to their homes

And ponder again on their deeds and thoughts.

My dagger might be as hard and sharp as a diamond,

I might not disappear into the Bermuda triangle,

I make you live like Robinson Crusoe, who soared the ocean with a mere chance of survival.

Mortals can’t answer how did I occur,

Mortals can’t answer how I will disappear.

But I dare not admit, on me, there is a curse,

If the Earth wasn’t fighting together, I might make things worse

I am but meager, just another conquerable demon

And with every message of gratitude, I am bit by bit getting broken.


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