Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

The Care That Kills

The Care That Kills

2 mins

Zipping through the dark woods,

Tearing skin to bleed the angry thorns,

Waking them from hours of hypnosis, while

Escaping from the crossed eye feathery giant.

Glued to the bedspread of crackling leaves, as

My legs and brain’s fight agrees to be ceaseless

Squeezing my eyes shut I scream, my earnest

Voice tears past the skyscrapers of the forest.

I unlock my eyes as the response gain

From scrunching twigs screaming from pain

Droplets of fear inching down my temple

With every scream of sprig crawling to my ankle

Sense of a sharp peck halts my climbing horror

And the caught breath awaits the way out of terror

My ears fail to deny the giant’s whispering

“Help me, please, help me,” endlessly chirping


Muddled tears streaming down my face,

Seeping halfway my neck into the surface

Heart knocking back and forth faster than before,

While the words still barked making my ears sore

No more my heart motion, numbness caught,

Nothing more but terror thundering out my gut

Silence crawls to my ears, fluttering my lashes  

Faster never before, hammering the dream to ashes

Sound of clapping wings resonating in yearn,

Struggling through crack of the door but spurned

Halfway to conscious making the sound sharp

Leaning my steps to the begging chirp

A tiny bird vibrating notes at the corner

Gingerly my hands pick up the ball of cotton

My heart twitch with its unbroken flutter

As if each flap trying to relay its mind mutter

But my mind could only dilute its cry

To leave my palms and melt through the sky

As I increased my steps towards the balcony,

The little one turns its neck as if seeking me

And rays jingling its way shimmering its eyes

Leaning my hips against the rusted railing

Sliding fingers through its fur

I still, and ends of my mouth take an upward curve

I wonder if those eyes locking tears

And with the whisper of wind the thought smears

Birds sailing across the sky says wait no more

Extended arms loosen the grip but feel a prick in core

Furiously flapped its wings leaving whir in the air

A blink after, I capture a giant vulture of a sharp glare

It races to the fledgling as if waiting for so long

And my next breath catches the caged bird along

That little fur clipped to the claws hangs in the smoke

Both shooting down to the bed of rocks

Blood squeezing out, ready to be fed upon

And the dream fogs up the view while I stand there alone


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