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Ankita Panda



Ankita Panda


When I Found You, Lord

When I Found You, Lord

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When the sun was yawning,

Still sleepy; lingering at the horizon,

Forcing itself to rise up,

To bring a new day, a new, unhackneyed life,

I stepped out; to find You Lord.

I strolled and strolled and strolled,

Without ceasing the pace of my feet,

I didn't stop at the Temple, nor at the Mosque, Church and Gurdwara,

I had visited there; I didn't find Your trace.

You have different forms of Yours,

People don't comprehend that,

Being imprudent, they believe, there are different Gods,

Alas! These blind people don't know, You are 'One'!

So I walked to find You,

I heard,

"You reside everywhere,

You reside within me,

You reside in nature and in all creatures",

But when I looked around, I found everyone hurting each other out of hatredness,

You never hate God! Do You?

After walking a certain distance,

Suddenly, I was surrounded by forlorn smoke,

It was devouring me,

I was getting inside it, deeper and deeper,

With each step, I was taking, it was getting darker and darker,

Amidst the ill -lit clouds, I felt uneasy,

I couldn't view anything,

I was eyeless.

"Oh Lord!" , said I,

"Where are You?"

I tried to open my eyes,

It was difficult,

Somehow I did,

I was clouded with tears,

I could see a hazy image, an image of a heap,

I rubbed my eyes, twice, thrice, many more times,

I cleared the clouds from my eyes.

Yeah,that was a heap!

A heap of ash!

No! It was not only a heap of ash,

It was mingled with blood, mutilated bodies,

Bodies of innocent men, women and babies, hands and limbs scattered everywhere,

There were other creatures, flora and fauna,

On the heap, was Inhumanity,

Sitting with a gun and a bag overflowing with money.

I rolled my eyesdown ,

There You were!

Beneath the heap, smashed,

Your heart was broken,

You were shattered,

You were bleating, at the death of Humanity.

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