A Verse On A Broken Heart

A Verse On A Broken Heart

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You were vernal equinox of my meaningless life

Your adoration was an elegant attire of my parched body

You were spring sunshine who bathed my withered soul

Your love was jewel-like crocus flower that decorated my lonely heart

I was rejuvenated with your fragrance of love

My heart bloomed,when I walked on carpet of love spread by you

Ah! You camouflaged me with your golden shower

I walked on lush, green tapestry with you

My blood was warmed with your mellow tender look

I was a beautiful soul blooming in your love.

You clutched your hands with mine

You made many promises

I believed,my fairy-tale began

Unaware that, I was being blindfolded by your sugarcoated words

You were a mountain laurel

Beautiful from outside,poisonous from inside

I thought you were my pole star

You disappeared

Leaving me alone in the middle of the stormy sea

My heart burst,erupted lava that burnt my soul to the core

Clouds of agony overshadowed me

When I saw your hands with someone else's.

I'm alone now,standing amidst the crowd

Motionless and cold

The two alluring seas surrounded by swarthy marine grass I own,

Are dry now

Look at the cracks on their surfaces

I'm struggling hard to overcome the winter tide that surrounds me

My heart is frozen,hard enough to melt

My soul has turned blue,perhaps dead

For blood flows no more through chilled veins

I can feel the cold breath touching the edges of my nostril

Still hopeful for golden rays which may not come again.

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