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You & me-the infinity & nature

You & me-the infinity & nature

2 mins 13.5K 2 mins 13.5K


The Nature, beautiful,

Mingled with 

Unpredictable chastity,

Droughts, Devastations and calamities 


Calm & serene,

Pleasures of lasting long

Wears the rings of tranquility 

Throbs , 

many hearts,


emotions, spelled with 

letters and languages 

that's the character created by 


The diamond circled heart 

Heavenly abroad,

Your talent ,

The Zenith of excellence,

the charismatic fragrance of thousands of roses 

that penetrates the mind long,


the star 

that Laugh's with moon in dark nights 


with dark clouds in sky 

thunder bolts sparks

Comet burns ,

makes you, 

to bleed in silence ,

You the unsolved mystery,


fountains of perpetual joy

Sing with the birds’ tunes


with flowers into youth,

Yellow is the day

Blue is the night 

Red is your passion 

in your sky,

With you

Love spells out a thousand unspoken words 


Am the beautiful 

untold story of Arabian nights,

Every one says,

All flowers dried with hot sun of summer,

Someone came to steal my greenery and all flowers,

It's not the men nor the beggar,

who sits at the corner of the street

The tree needs only two drops of water,

The sky needs the clouds,

The clouds needs the rain,

In the stage ,

the poet 


Are just ,the rock of great silence,

Besides it, 

there stands a tall tree overburdened with greenery ,

rich with colors of flowers 

Standing still 

looking towards the star's,

Lost the leaves ,

the flowers,

The evening, already approached 

A strong iron chain of social obligations 

Being chained in their 


A great sky high wooden log 

Praying the stars,

the sky for two drops of water,


the feather of bird there up in the sky 

with a message to quench the thirst of heart,

Waiting, on ground  

to bloom,

with new leaves and flowers 


You and me 

two drops of water,


The love of 

infinity & nature.....!

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