Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Cheese Or Freeze

Cheese Or Freeze

2 mins

Say cheese!

We travel places in search of something.

To some it maybe to seek peace.

To some to meet new people.

To some to learn different cultures.

To some to stay in the lap of the nature.

To the special some to take a hell lot of selfies with different backgrounds.

They are very outdated I doubt,

for different backgrounds,

including backgrounds that are unbelievable,

can be made with the photo-shop.

What if they get deleted one day?

What if at old age you don't have a perfect vision to look on to the photos?

What if even the above said didn't happen, but you're bored

since it is full of you and your family or friends.

Since, they are familiar to you.

It doesn't hold any memory to look back,

it just holds you.

You might have missed the "until death do us apart" in real,

at the love of the old couples.

You may not have received, the surprising smile from the stranger.

You might not have eaten the food when it is hot and steamy,

saying "so-so-so, it is finger licking good".

You were more on to uploading it on your Instagram account with the perfect angle and lightening,

Forgetting the food turning cold.

You might have been unlucky to wave a bye to the preschooler,

running in trousers with a gang of friends.

On your busy photo shoots you missed the beautiful moments of life.

You live in a virtual world,

with likes, comments and share.

Rather in reality,

with the people, place and moment.

You are more on to filling the phone memory then your memory.

Let us roam the whole world not to fill the RAM,

but to collect memories that make us calm,

when we rub the happy tears,

with the wrinkled palm.

As you grin with no teeth,

without saying cheese!

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