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Moments Are Only Ingenious, No

Moments Are Only Ingenious, No

2 mins

Oh! I am sick with hypocrisy

All are crazy to entwine a fallacy

As if idea of an individual only the prime factor

The only parameter with an astounding denominator

Ignoring productive force

This is the key to craft all creativity in nature’s floor

Just for the sake of technology

We have no right to humiliate human’s prodigy

It also a product of spontaneity

An essential ladder for elevation with synchronicity!

I wonder is there any single entity

Who would claim he is responsible for all difference in clarity

Between light and sound energy

How difference of vibration makes a distinct gravity

Ultimately it is the energy which alone rule

How come we encourage a confusing energy to emerge and misrule

Making majority’s life miserable

As if they are insignificant, deserving to obliterate in their destiny’s rail!

Is it minority only make their Earth their haven

Without confronting any protest they may exist and marvel

They might capable to acquire huge wealth and mundane strength

Will it alone usher them to reign with vigor without facing any mayhem?

We have experienced many emperors

Who ever thought their empire will turn into mere debris, without any valor

It is the inevitable change which only declare its consistency

Where none could claim they are supreme out of their paramountcy!

I am indebted to life

This enables me to comprehend its strength and vibe

There is none to compare with life

What I experience is unparalleled in its hype!

In terms of time and space

Life is just a moment, a mere dash

Yet it alone experience the grandeur of nature

Which life alone can eulogize with a grand signature!

I am too a changed version

My gene is also a gracious charity of such amazing run

Our faculty too crafted to assimilate numerous developments

What a serendipity nature crafts with her enigmatic attempts!

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