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Sadhana B

Drama Others


Sadhana B

Drama Others

Life Exam Question Paper

Life Exam Question Paper

2 mins 18 2 mins 18

Date of exam_ date we born

Duration_birth to death.

Marks_memories, deeds, sacrifices.

Result_at time we died.

Guide lines. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . every question should be answered. don't copy as every one's paper is different. . . . .

1. What extent is your tolerence capacity?

2. How will solve your problems?

3. How will you move ahead?

4 . How will you celebrate occasions?

5. How will you deal sensitive matters?

6. How will you solve others problems?

7. What would be your suggestions to the needy ?

8. what would be your next move?

9. How extent you work for your family?

10. How will you take care of your loved ones?

11. Will you give up?

12. How will you maintain your relationships?

13. How will deal with your friends, family?

14. What will you choose between people, money , ethics ?

15. What will be your choices?

16. How will you take responsibility of your family?

17. What is your dream ?

18. How will you come out of your problems?

19. How will you deal with your depression?

20. How will you share your opinions?

21. How will you hide your secrets?

22. How will deal with your economical crises?

23. which path do you choose good or bad?

24. How will you move towards your goal?

25. Finally How many people love you earn till your last breath?

only few get success. But There is no competition as Every ones marks and papers are different. . . . What you lost, what you earn matters.

Lead your life happily, be happy, keep smiling.

Life is all about gaining, losing. . . .

Go ahead with your smile.

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