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Arjinder Sangotra



Arjinder Sangotra


I Still Remember

I Still Remember

2 mins

It was a morning so fine,

The sky in its pleasing blue,

Buds blooming into roses,

Leaves wet with the night dew.

The day was rising slowly,

With the sweet chirping of birds,

Such a beautiful dawn,

Which couldn’t be expressed in words.

And I, after my morning stroll,

Had taken a seat,

In that cool park, where I

Encountered my unforgettable meet.

There she was, on an opposite

Bench, gazing at me,

In a profile so spruce, her face so

Gaiety filled with glee.

In a white linen, rolling to her

Knees, was she dressed,

Here was a maiden, I felt,

Whom nature had fully blessed.

I allowed my eyes to meet hers,

And offered her a blink,

A sudden charm in her smile,

Made her rosy cheeks more pink.

Then displaying her romantic gait,

Towards me she started,

Close to me she sat, her head

Against my shoulder rested.

Softly, lovingly her forehead,

I kissed, and she in return-

Fondled, like on a winter morning,

The refreshing rays of the sun.

Her caressing little hands and

Those touches so tender,

Her attractive crimson lips, that

Figure so fair, I still remember.

For an hour, in the park that day,

How I loitered with her,

I still remember her departing,

Fading slowly into a blur.

How that beautiful lure, after a

Cuddle so warm,

Promised that she would return

Back, once again in my arms.

How I remember that splendid,

Romantic hour with her,

That attractive image of her,

This day, I still remember.

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