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Mohd Danish Shaikh



Mohd Danish Shaikh




2 mins

Hey beautiful, your beauty is full of contrast,

Like a rainbow in the mountains, after a night full of rain in dark,

Your presence feels like resting on a bed after defusing a bomb from getting blasted,

Waiting for your smiling face to turn red

Is like testing my patience to open my fast,

Your lips are facing drought,

Like ships chasing routes,

So, twist and hold them inside,

Under your tongue just once, not twice,

As one might wet the lower and upper

Watching it again I might be butchered,

Cause I can't watch that dryness causing cracks on your lips,

Imma fill it by watching videos of kissing tips

Your eyes shine like a crystal

Holding millions of colors inside

And I can spend my life counting it

By sitting by your side

And those eyelashes rolling upwards,

Does the work of stealing the show from your eyes,

As your eyes hold many lies, but

You still stop them from being awkward

Your eyebrows are like silk threads licked by the tongue,

To pass it from the needle, for stitching clothes of old and young,

Which made them straight 

But I liked them wrapped up in peace

Hugging each other and turning 

So, I found it quite disturbing

Just like killing foetus is illegal

And watching widows burning 

sitting on the funeral pyer of their husbands

Your face is bright as it helps the sun to reflect its light, on the earth

Watching you smile while your face shines 

Dragged out all my dirt

I'm not writing all this for purpose of flirt

I'll sit and wait for your short glance 

Waiting for my soul to dance 

I am not afraid to get cancer by that sunlight

I want to stand under the sun and ask you in my prayer 

As I am protected by your shadow and not by the ozone layer

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