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Soulstar Universal



Soulstar Universal


Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

2 mins 476 2 mins 476

Glistening mountains welcome the daylight

Like the stars appearing in the twilight.

A tent in the desert bid bye to a bus while

He waited for his beloved in the dim light!

Expecting her after ten years in that tent,

Memories fleeting, cattle grazing in hindsight.

He was younger, they both played together,

Hide and seek, he always lost to her.

Never told her he loved her and that

She smelled of the purple yellow lilies

On the rusty pasture where he wandered

With his sheep, a loner.

One day he ascended the tarnished crag,

Realized he could no further drag coz

She didn’t know him well, and he was too

proud to take the first step. He looked at his

fellas and wondered if he was happy alone.

They smiled and he chose what he wanted!

Days went by, months and years passed and

The seasons changed too. He saw the snowy mountains,

Greyish firmament, pondered at the sheep, few.

Meadows would be green again, rivers would

flow rifted between the uneven earth. He knew

She couldn’t return from her place of dearth.

His journey brought him to the desert

And he decided to stay. Gazed at the

stars sitting by the lake. Periwinkles

caressing his forehead. Weary of finding

her he slept and woke to the cerulean

blue! Not once did he know that she knew…

He saw the mauves that loved him, Admired their

adminicle, reminded him of their love, biblical.

He then rose and dipped his hand in the azure lake,

Her reflection drifted with the whirlpool.

He looked back at her, she stood, her golden - brown

hair fluttering, just as when she was in school.

They then set out for their journeys

Leaving too many things undone, twirled.

She wondered how could he make up

for the loss coz, Love is true when you act,

not just a name. But that was just the

beginning. After all, love is not a game!

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