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Soulstar Universal

Abstract Drama Tragedy


Soulstar Universal

Abstract Drama Tragedy

Sense Of Self

Sense Of Self

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I am losing my sense of self in that

A known world is left behind me.

And am now onto a voyage

Accepting my loss and compensating

It for the wisdom gained.

 I ain’t alone and that is such a

Solace. An old man and a young girl

 I know have lost something too.

Yet, they are glowering

 Life in the eye and I really like it.

I stand on a bridge

Tempted to dive in the water underneath.

Roses on the wooden framework captivate me.

I remember him. His existence

Scattered in my ‘Real Imagination’.

I often see a narrowboat and

The high-rise tower across the waterway

Where I first met him and

Felt a sense of warmth. He still stands there

Gazing at the setting sun.

Back in his hometown his family

Waits for him to meet them.

He abstains for reasons not known.

I fathom he’s a loner. A man who can’t

Love for his fear of reliction.

After losing him my world changed.

A rare occurrence. Met many a

People, but, he’s always there.

He smiles at me even now when in fact,

I am staring at the bronze statue!

I wish he understood what it means

To lose oneself. I wish he sees me

Through the dark mist

Of his deranged thoughts

And, pays penance by losing himself---

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