That Minute

That Minute

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And that day I saw you,

wasn't instantly when I fell for you,

I never by your looks did sway,

but couldn't take my eyes away.

There was some kind of mystery,

in you and then began our story!

six seconds ticked all long,

and I decided to move along.

I was curious comprehending,

yours actions slowly began admiring.

I stood dazed for you were dazzling,

I stood shaken on how you were speaking,

not with me though but silently did look,

keenly observed you and your outlook,

six seconds ticked all long,

and me about to move along.

Why?that question already occurred,

yet the answer never did !

I just wanted to look and notice,

I didn't dare to name this!

I stood still trying to believe my eyes,

I stood still for the scene to vaporize!

six seconds ticked again all long,

and me hindering to move along!

Never wanted to believe being slayed,

since boys and stuff to me never appealed.

Yet yes you hit that tough,

you hit that enough tough.

for you were a feet apart,

while I hoped you never to part.

six seconds ticked all long,

And I didn't care moving along.

Neither did I see my destiny in you,

Nor did my heart flutter away to you.

Neither did I feel being in paradise,

Nor did I feel the bliss of sunrise.

Total blankness within me,

that was your impact on me.

six seconds,oh half a minute I found long,

yet for a few more I did long.

VOID how it was seeming,

completely empty was my inkling.

emptiness was all I could find,

with no thoughts in my mind.

I heard your voice clear,

though you weren't here.

six seconds slipped past along,

your voice made me stay along.

It was an enrapturing emptiness,

something one could not witness.

It was an endearing emptiness,

where the space to fill seemed less.

It was filled full,

me unable to escape the invisible pull.

six seconds slipped past along,

I forgot I had to move along.

Wondered if our bond existed,

followed your hands that continually swayed.

traced the paths your eyeballs moved,

loved the way you continually swayed.

And more admiration I was paying,

found my lips stretch in a curve when you were smiling.

six seconds seemed like one all long,

I just wanted to walk with you along.

Maybe we will walk or maybe not,

you've tied loose my destiny's knot.

I am sure it is now hanging,

to cling on your cliff now longing.

I looked down decided to move away,

a last look at you that stopped my way.

Five seconds decision making had been long,

one second that made me prolong.

What stopped did rest my heartbeat,

What stopped me was our eye's meet.

As I looked at you for the soul of mine,

found your eyes searching the deepest of mine.

You made a few excuses looked clueless still slaying,

You came to me and had me speaking.

six seconds all that it took,

one minute right from my first look.

we started walking, the walk that marked forever.

we spoke and the story started to end with forever!

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