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Forever With Time

Forever With Time

4 mins

Twenty-one lines,

Not one satiating.

Two hundred and one words,

Not one enrapturing.

Two thousand,

And one hundred thoughts,

Not any fitting.

Twenty-one million ideas,

Not any wanting.

Not that my mind was void,

Not at least in,

A real way of a void.

Void in a way to be,

Filled with yours.

Void with dreams,

Of our forthcoming years.

Time passed by,

The real-time passed by.

Time really stood in front,

And I for a second did grunt.

Time was here,

I saw time crystal clear.

Not that anything had paused,

Yet everything has passed.

The clock running as usual,

My friends there talking casually.

Yes, not any time,

Here with me was time.

"Hello", his formal address began,

His tone that of a perfect man.

He began his speech,

Well rehearsed were lines each.

"Time has played in your life well,

Gifting a feel of heaven and also hell.

Anything that torments now,

Or anything that will torment anyhow.

Make a wish, sensible,

My majesty is amiable.

You've admired the time,

Made him glad.

Speak your heart,

And never be sad."

"Aren't you time then?"

"I am time corresponding-

To the possibility of when,

I am that time,

Your life is counting"

I started frowning.

"Everyone possesses-

The time of own,

We each own the seconds of one.

And yours though I behold,

The time of your life,

Here you hold."

I was comprehending,

His explanation still

Seemed uncomprehending.

"You are that lucky",

I sighed knowing he's unlucky.

"Any wish?" I did interrupt.

"Any", his voice abrupt.

"Can time give me my past?"

"You can't get what is lost,

That's why you are chosen"

I felt obliged to listen.

"What else can time gift?"

I felt the fear of my future drift.

He exclaimed, "Immortality!",

"I know that's complete insanity"

"Don't you want to be immortal?"

"I'm pretty much loving being mortal."

"Immortality will save you-

From clutches of death",

"Which is prisoning myself on earth".

"Did you say prisoning, why?"

His voice commanding and high.

"A branch with no leaves,

Is a wood which one cleaves.

Though it reaches the sun, the pine,

It can never shine.

Though a bird can fly away,

Out into space,

It has no way.

Anything is vain,

Immortality is a complete disdain."

I spoke not giving him a glance,

And also not giving him a chance.

He calmly said,

"I find no clarity,

Why you say yes to mortality.

No to immortality since being lone,

Is something you find prone.

The extent of one's freedom

From naturality,

And endlessness is of no sanity."

I patiently replied,

"Look, I don't want to lie

Eternally in the world,

I now know who is my world!

I don't want to live long

In my own company,

I want someone to accompany.

I don't want people

At the call of death leaving my hands,

I want fingers that are ever

Entwined with my hands.

Still, why do you constantly ask?"

"That though is my task."

"Are you time's agent?"

"Am the minister so divergent."

He portrayed himself in a look royal,

He thought time seemed to be loyal.

He sighed,

"You got a chance one gets never,

Are you getting this over?"

Ever...this word.

Forever...yes, the right word.

"Forever- grant me this boon"

I wanted a reply soon.

"That's immortality again".

"Let me make this quite plain".

"Dear time, I began,

I don't know how many minutes ran.

"I need forever to talk about him.

I need forever to talk to him.

I need forever to look at him.

I need forever to admire him.

I need forever to hug him.

I need forever to hold hands of his.

I need forever to be,

Slain by the smile of his.

Now that's it, don't fall into a swoon,

Kindly grant me my boon."

He looked stupefied,

And for a few seconds eyed.

"You have a message,

From our empress,

Whom you seemed to have impressed."

I questioned "You have a queen",

"I see what you mean.

To love, time does subtend,

For centuries this been the trend."

I was as blank as my page,

"How did you get the message?"

"Time need not travel",

I took a minute to marvel,

At the truth hidden,

To respond I felt forbidden.

He read out-

Those minutes just ten,

Is what you think often.

That one conversation,

Giving you an endearing sensation.

The shortest moments,

About which you never lament.

One minute with him,

Million memories of him.

He is the light of the sun that falls on you,

Either by itself or by moon only for you.

Forever seems like greed,

Yet I realize its need.

Time alone doesn't decide forever,

Love holds the bond forever.

Yours though is valuable,

Wordless becomes a critic.

Time's nothing without love,

It just keeps the world on move.

Your words sounded like wind chimes,

Believe me, love doesn't need time.

Love never has any exit

So as long as love exists,

Your bond will always be forever,

Hoping sincerely you

Enjoy your forever,

For forever isn't time at all,

Time though rises

After many falls,

Forever is love always,

And love in all ways.

Enraptured are me and my majesty,

For forever is your tale worthy."

He ended,

"Hope you understood?",

"I did. Did you understand?"

"I will", he winked.

I blankly blinked.

"Am departing, it's time",

He giggled.

I contently chuckled.

"Am curious to see your forever",

He made it sound deeper.

I replied,

"Even me, for the forever!"

"Will watch you forever,

Now here's your boon coming,

Let me get going!"

"Boon coming?

Boons are granted."

"Yours though is chanted!"

"You ever speak clear?",

"You ever see clear?",

He cocked his head to left,

Where happened-

My heart's theft.

Where you happened to stand

And smile at me.

When twenty-one million-

Poems filled the void in me!

Time really faded,

And my forever started.

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