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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Dibakar Ghosh



Dibakar Ghosh




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After how many years of blissful euphoria 

Does love wither and vaporise? 

Tell me 

So that I can brace myself this time 

For I see affection fading from your eyes 

Your touch has lost warmth 

And your voice hangs mid air 

Hollow and Robbed 

Of every emotion that binds us together

Tell me 

Has the death knell of our love already rung? 

Or are we inadvertently clutching at something

That has lost it's meaning altogether?

I can feel my heart 

Striking the cold ground 

And shattering into a million crystal smithereens 

Everytime I see you walking away 

How many times can a heartbreak? 

After how many falls will it be too much for the heart to reform itself again?

Tell me 

For I am bracing for a storm 

Sleep has been stripped off my nights 

And I stare up at the starless nights 

All I do 

Is think about you

Do you think about me too?

I won't hold you back 

Or tug at your sleeves 

If you express a desire to leave  

Remember that I love you 

With every atom of my body 

And there was a time you loved me back too 

I would be content 

Reminiscing those times 

Where your voice was the sweetest symphony 

And your eyes housed every galaxy 

I am not lovelorn 

But envying whatever makes you happy now

Is not my forte 

I will be there for you? 

Do you promise to be there for me too?


I know you have rendered yourself,

In the midst of the shallow darkness,

Trying so hard,

To make your way out,

From the clutches of your inner demons,

That kill you unmitigatedly inside,

By arousing a fear of isolation and a abandonment, 

And giving a false hope for abomination.

It's been a long time, 

So now you should discern,

The depth of your habitual life,

The way you are going through,

Won't grant you elation or ecstasy,

But pain and you will succumb in return. 

Can she linger through those dreadful nights,

If she can hold onto her uncanny desires,

If I can ever see,

Her eyes sparkling with merriment all the time.

Then I can live my life with an agile,

So that I can have her right next to my side,

With her undeafening smile,

Which gives me an enduring hope,

To love her with all I ingress,

With my spotless mind.

No matter how much you deny,

I'll be standing right by your side,

Wherever you possibly go,

You will find my insensible footsteps,

Haunting you with my love and glee,

With an undying wish to make you mine.

Whenever you close your eyes,

You will find my hands holding yours firmly,

Within an akin universe,

To make an oath for us to be ONE,

Through eternity and beyond,


There's never an adieu to our unparallel love life.

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